His House and New Creation Recovery Programs

The Joint Commission - National Quality Approval At His House | New Creation, we understand that everyone's struggle with addiction is unique - we specialize in a wide spectrum of treatment for you or the loved one you are seeking to help. We have a dedicated clinical team working together, in safe, gender-specific facilities, to deliver the best individualized treatment available.

Our state-licensed and highly accredited programs revolve around the core idea that successful addiction treatment requires a strong plan. Drug and alcohol counselors work alongside social workers, psychiatrists, and even pastors to coordinate effective and compassionate care for you or your loved one.

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It's legal and easy to get, but misuse of alcohol can ruin families and lives. Take the first step in getting your life back with the guidance of our knowledgeable staff.

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Drug Abuse

Drug Addiction

Many drugs are addictive and those addictions are potentially lethal. But the good news; addictions are treatable. His House | New Creation has the best staff and facilities for your journey.

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Outpatient Treatment

Mental Health

Whether you’re a man or woman, His House | New Creation offer the best in same sex treatment available, offering you a comfortable and safe place to begin your path to recovery.

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Dual Diagnosis

Dual Diagnosis

His House | New Creation understands that addiction often coexists with mental health disorders. Our qualified staff uses a balanced approach to treating both for your full recovery and healthy new life.

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This is the first step in your recovery. Medically supervised detox can help you safely escape the binds of your addiction so you can move into your recovery.

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Residential Treatment

Christian Track

His House | New Creation offers a Christian Track for those who wish it with an ordained reverend as the program manager and clinical therapist. We'll help you reunite with your spirituality.

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Unique Addictions Need Unique Treatment

His House | New Creation uses a comprehensive strategy that is designed specifically for you and your battle with addiction. With a staff that has a wide range of specialties and accredited facilities, your plan is custom built and effective.

"It's Not About the Money"

His House | New Creation Treatment Centers have a different approach to treatment than many top quality programs across the country. We keep the doors of our homes in Southern California open by accepting most insurance plans and providing very affordable options to those who are not covered.

For Families and Couples

Part of fixing your life is healing your family. Addiction is a disease that affects everyone in your home. His House | New Creation has programs and resources to help you make sure that the loves of your life stay in your life.

What Makes His House | New Creation the Best for Me?

Take a moment to learn why His House | New Creation has been the turning point in so many lives.

Get Your Life Back On Track! Our Admissions Counselors are ready for your call 24 hours a day:

(888) 373-8971

Where Do I Go From Here?

His House | New Creation Understands

We understand that there is a reason that you are searching for help. Addiction is a mighty enemy which usually can't be defeated alone. Just as important as realizing this fact is knowing that you're searching in the right place to find the best kind of treatment available. His House | New Creation proudly offers the highest levels of treatment.

You Are the Focus

There is no cookie-cutter approach to successful addiction treatment. One of the several core values in His House | New Creation's approach to guiding you on the path to your new life is evaluating your unique personality and situation, and the applying our extensive resources and expertise to address each case individually.

By evaluating and gently treating your mind, body and spirit, we take a balanced approach to removing the pain of addiction from your life while helping you achieve the skills to prevent relapse in the future. This holistic approach gives you long term sobriety and a healthy, happy life for you and your family.

Failure to Plan is a Plan to Fail

Essential to the success of your recovery is a detailed and well-mapped path leading straight to your ultimate goal: health and happiness.

His House | New Creation welcomes you in to a place where nurturing care turns into your achievement. We do this with a strong plan for your recovery. A wide range of professionals in various treatment-related fields work together to ensure your success. Addiction Treatment Counselors work hand in hand with Psychiatric professionals and even Pastoral Caregivers (if so desired) in a strategic, careful and effective approach to your sobriety.

Just Like Home

All over Southern California, His House | New Creation facilities are healing people just like you. Gender-specific, state-licensed and highly accredited places of healing give you focused attention that helps you on the path to sobriety and hope.

Although filled with the very best of professionals in the addiction treatment field, these are not hospitals. These are places of new beginning. Of course, support is fully accessible around the clock.

The Time is Now

At His House | New Creation we know that addiction is a potentially lethal disease and we are committed to saving as many lives as we can. Our admissions staff is available for evaluation 24 hours a day with no obligation from you whatsoever.

There are affordable options for those without insurance. Make the choice to take back your life now. Your health and your road to happiness begins with His House | New Creation... and it begins today. Call now.

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