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Our Philosophy

Our founder Glenn Swanson CADC II, MBA struggled with addiction himself and benefited from residential treatment in 1991. After overcoming his struggles with addiction, he founded the first facility in 1994, wanting to help others and introduce them to the same freedom he’d found in recovery.

Glenn understands the reality of addiction and how it can destroy lives, relationships, and physical health, so he applied it to the way he runs his own facilities. Every client experiences their own personalized, systematic recovery plan, which is tailored their own requirements and goals. This is then taken step-by-step and guided by addiction specialists with care and compassion.

What drives us?

Our PhilosophyGuided by Glenn’s experience, our philosophy concerns addressing the realities and challenges of addiction. Recovery truly begins when someone leaves our facility and begins to live their life again. It’s our greatest priority to equip people with the tools to continue their recovery long-term, no matter what triggers and temptations they may encounter.

The cornerstone of recovery is abstinence, so we teach people how to live their lives without the substances that once ruled them. This is a huge adjustment and not to be taken lightly, so our staff is universally experienced and well trained.

Why we do what we do

We have seen many people leave our facility after successfully completing our recovery program. They’re always excited but nervous to go back to the real world and begin their lives again. We offer continual support for everyone who leaves our care, providing outpatient treatment, which can make the difference between a life lived well and a life destroyed by addiction.

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