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The Most Common Addiction Triggers

June 1, 2017 - - 0 Comments

Recognizing your addiction triggers can be one of the most effective ways to maintain long-term sobriety.  This is an especially important skill in your first year of sobriety and the one you should hold close to you post
drug and alcohol rehab.  After all, staying away from any drugs or alcohol is the number one thing that you must do in recovery, day in and day out.   

What Are Triggers?

Triggers can be anything that creates the urge to use again.  It could be almost anything, but there are many common triggers and some we might not often think about that can trigger a relapse.  It could be a certain place, person, event or thing.  The longer you can go without giving in to a trigger, the stronger your skill will become in recognizing a trigger and taking the necessary action right then and there to take care of yourself and to do what you need to stay sober.

Outside of the obvious, such as staying away from bars and running with people who use, these are the most common addiction triggers and some quick tips for each:

  1.  Financial Problems

Financial problems are very common in people with addictions.  There may be trouble trying to find a job or to keep one.  Money is what allows you to survive, so it can be easy to feel that you are a failure if you are not financially stable.

  1.  Depression and Loneliness

People with addictions are generally more prone to experiencing depression, many times caused by the isolating nature of addiction.

  1.  Stress

Stress can cause any number of mental and emotional issues at one time.  If you are feeling overwhelmed, remember that you are not perfect and do not have to be.  It’s always ok to ask for help or to reach out to a family member or friend.

  1.  Isolation

They say that old habits die hard.  So even if you have stopped drinking, they tendency to isolate is still there, just without any substances.  When you are alone, it is more tempting to use.  This is when it’s a good time to get out of your head and go for a walk or call a friend.

  1.  Over Confident

One of the things that many addicts lack during active drug and alcohol abuse is humility.  If a person was humble, they may have stopped using, instead, they used until the wheels fell off.

If is very easy to be confident of the new person you might have become after being sober for a while.  You feel great and proud of the new you.  But it is always important to go back to being humble or you will forget about your disease.

  1.  Relationships

It is easy to let the emotional nature of interpersonal relationships wreak havoc on yourself.  It is therefore recommended that you do not engage in one for a while after departing from a stay at drug and alcohol treatment center.  You invested in yourself, and now is the time to keep that focus, not give it to someone else.

  1. Happy Times

One of the more underrated triggers is happy events.  While it’s easy to want to use after something terrible happens, it also happens when something positive happens.  It’s great to be happy, but you also do not want to forget to stay grounded.

If you do relapse, it’s probably a good idea to consider going back to drug and alcohol rehab.  There is always a chance that you can lose your cool and fall victim to a trigger, but it does not mean you have to return to that life.

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