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Five Big Things You Didn’t Know About Addiction

October 10, 2016 - - 0 Comments

drug and alcohol treatmentThe health risks from long-term drug abuse are huge.  While many have sought assistance from drug and alcohol treatment centers, many still struggle in silence.  Addiction, itself, is a silent killer, and experts have weighed in to help individuals spot, reduce, and eliminate addiction altogether.  To fight addiction, you need to know addiction – particularly its finer aspects.  Below, we’ve compiled the five biggest addiction facts we feel too few know, ranging across recent studies completed to help addicted individuals:

Fact One: Mental Health Disorders can Trigger Addiction

A 2012 national Survey on Drug Use and Health discovered an astounding 8.4 million American adults had both a mental health condition and substance abuse disorder.  This number, when boiled down, equates to 40.7 percent.  While mental illness doesn’t directly facilitate substance abuse, many addiction treatment centers view both as relatively exclusive to one another.  Individuals with documented mental illness are approximately twice as likely to use illegal substances.

Fact Two: Early Development Abuse is Positively Correlated with Alcoholism in Later Life

In fact, The American Journal of Psychology considers developmental abuse as one of the leading causes of later-life alcoholism and substance abuse.  Children who are abused may carry developmental issues into adolescence, triggering a higher predisposition for binge drinking, drug experimentation, and long-term abuse.

Fact Three: Motivation, Itself, is a Key to Recovery

A peer-reviewed journal, Health Psychology, has created a study supported by the Society for the Study of Motivation.  The study reported brain scans to predict the outcome of addiction when high motivation was a factor.  Experts concluded that problem recognition and self-motivation, alone, are incredibly powerful recovery tools.  The age-old “admitting you have a problem” mantra holds far more weight in scientific evidence, now, that it ever has before.

Fact Four: Chemical Dependency can Change a Sober Brain

Over time, chemical dependency can impair non-intoxicated mindsets.  Individuals in the midst of a “high” may actually rewrite their brain’s functionality, creating new habits and even behavioral traits.  Memory loss, permanent brain damage, and severe mental illnesses, too, can result.  While altered brain action isn’t necessarily character-shifting, the chemical impacts of illegal substances, in particular, can drastically change a person’s motivation, way of thinking and life outlook.

Fact Five: 25 Percent of Eighth Graders Smoke Marijuana Regularly

A article, “Surprising Facts About Addiction,” reveals a rather sizeable statistic surrounding youthful marijuana indulgence.  Today, about one-quarter of eighth graders admit to smoking marijuana on a regular basis.  Another 30 percent of high school students smoke marijuana, regularly, as well.  Fortunately, illegal drug use is declining slightly.  Drug addiction itself, however, is still a significant problem.  Because younger people are indulging in marijuana, the gateway to more dangerous substances may have opened further.  Addiction treatment centers, for this reason, have taken this statistic rather seriously.

The fight against addiction is a long one, but understanding the lesser-known dynamics of substance use, abuse and dependency can aid the struggle.  In all cases, discussing medical and psychological options with a loved one suffering from addiction is optimal.  While the signs of addiction may be subtle, they may become eventually blatant.  Drug addiction, unfortunately, is hereditary.  Sometimes, understanding your family’s history can ward against potential addiction.  A fine line exists, however, between use and abuse.  Any and all illegal substance use, of course, should be avoided at all costs.

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