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For many people suffering from drug addiction, alcohol addiction, mental health issues, or dual diagnosis issues, the admissions process to a residential treatment program or even an outpatient program can be intimidating.  His and Her House is proud to ease this transition as much as possible for our clients – our supportive staff, from the treatment specialist you’ll speak to initially to our intake staff to the professionals at the facilities themselves are all focused on letting you concentrate on your recovery.

Stages of Admission

  • Speak to a specialist. Call now and our treatment specialist will help you with assessing your treatment need, and help to arrange insurance and payment methods.   They will get our intake team ready to welcome you to the facility by outlining your addiction or mental health details.
  • Decide on inpatient or outpatient treatment. Residential treatment is recommended for most addictions as it provides complete separation from the distractions of daily life.  However, outpatient treatment may be the better option for those who need to continue working or have other obligations.
  • Medical and psychological evaluations. Our team will assess your medical and psychological needs upon admission.   This allows us to formulate a personalized, unique treatment plan geared for your unique needs.
  • Family Engagement. It is strongly recommended that the families of our clients stay engaged through the admissions process.   Recovery is about relationships and no one is more important than the family.
  • For those addicted to drugs or alcohol, withdrawal is a real concern.  After initial admission, we offer medically supervised detoxification procedures to clear the substances from your body and get you ready to begin long-term treatment.
  • Once the initial stages are complete, your treatment begins in earnest.   Various medications and therapeutic procedures are used depending on your specific needs; this will be the time where recovery truly begins.

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