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Family TherapyOur rehabilitation program for drug and alcohol addiction incorporates both individual attention and group therapies, many of which benefit from family involvement. A person’s family and friendships can be dramatically affected by addiction, so it makes sense for the loved ones to be closely involved with the treatment program. It’s an educational process for the whole family.

Addiction can jeopardize someone’s job, finances and health, and this has a knock-on effect for those close to them. Many people can find their relationships with the addict in their family becoming unhealthy and codependent – giving them money, hiding their behavior and ultimately allowing their addiction to continue. This can often develop without someone realizing it, and it has a disastrous effect on both parties’ mental health. The only way to prevent enabling behavior is to understand and identify it, and our family therapy programs can show you how.

Everyone’s recovery is different, and everyone needs a safe and peaceful place to get clean. We provide quality, comprehensive family therapy that can help your loved ones recover and get back on track. With our help, you will learn to address the issues that have contributed to addiction, recognize codependent behavior and access the support your whole family needs.

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