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What To Bring

What to BringGetting help for an addiction or substance abuse problem is a decision no one takes lightly. Once this decision has been made, however, the individual is bound to have lots of questions about their treatment and what it will involve.

When you join us at one of our facilities to begin your recovery program, we’ll make sure you’re welcomed properly and have plenty of time to make yourself at home and get comfortable. We also endeavor to keep you fully informed before you even arrive, so there’s no uncertainty at any point of the process.


During your stay, you will need enough clothes to last 2 weeks. It’s recommended that you bring comfortable clothes that are appropriate for both indoors and outdoors. Depending on the season, temperatures can be quite high or very low, so please bear this in mind when packing.

We aim to go outside regularly and exercise to aid recovery and balance the mind, body and spirit, so appropriate clothing and a gym bag is encouraged.

All bedding and towels are provided, so there is no need to bring these.


Certain essential prescription medications can be brought, providing they’re in their original container and have been pre-approved and signed off by us. Any medication brought without our knowledge will be confiscated.

We do not allow any pre-workout supplements within the facility. Smoking and vaping is not encouraged, but there is a designated smoking area for those who choose to partake.

We’re committed to providing the highest possible level of care during your stay, so there are certain safety rules that patients need to strictly comply with.

Money and ID

Make sure you bring your ID and any relevant insurance cards with you – you’ll need these for registration.

We take care of all your needs, so cash generally won’t be needed. There will be times though when you might need to buy more personal hygiene items if you run out, so cash is of course allowed. We don’t recommend you bring any more than $100 with you, and access to a credit/debit card for any larger, unexpected expenses (such as outside services or the dentists).

Electronic devices

We allow iPods, e-readers and MP3 players, but they must not have a camera or be able to access a Wi-Fi connection. You will not need a cell phone during your stay, so these are stored safely when you arrive. There are plenty of phones within the facility so you can make scheduled calls to friends and family regularly.

Other items you may want to bring

Rehabilitation and addiction treatment is a new environment for many, so below is a list of things that you may not have considered bringing, but may help you during your stay:

  • A list of names, addresses and phone numbers. You will be used to having your family and friend’s phone numbers stored in your cell phone, but this won’t be available during your stay.
  • A notebook or journal. Many find that journaling can aid their recovery. Many materials for art and writing therapy will be provided, but you might prefer your own notebook.
  • Stamps and envelopes. If you choose to write to loved ones as well as call them.
  • Reading materials. You will be provided with various reading materials, but you may want to bring your favorite books, spiritual guides or self-help texts too.

Items that are not allowed

  • Medications that are not pre-approved.
  • Over the counter medications.
  • Alcohol-based mouthwashes, hydrogen peroxide or isopropyl alcohols.
  • Scissors or pocketknives.
  • Laptops, iPads or tablets.
  • Pornography
  • Candles or incense.

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