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What To Expect

It’s a daunting prospect to go and stay in a new and unfamiliar place, particularly during recovery from addiction, when an individual is feeling particularly physically and mentally vulnerable. We try to make the process as easy as possible, and reassure everyone who begins treatment with us, by putting them in a peaceful and calm environment.

Your arrival

ExpectationsWe make every effort to ease the transition when you first arrive for treatment. You’ll get an in-depth tour of the facility, we’ll introduce you to those who’ll be overseeing your treatment, and we’ll give you some time to make yourself at home.

There will be a little paperwork during the admission process. Any confidentiality issues will be addressed at the same time, and we’ll ensure that only those you’re comfortable with know about your treatment.

The detox process

Detoxing from heavy drug use is an uncomfortable and unpleasant process. We try to make this as comfortable as possible during your stay, and supervise the withdrawal process throughout to ensure medical safety. Sudden detox is very dangerous in a lot of situations, as it can cause seizures, convulsions and even death.

We will monitor you and your vital signs 24/7 until the detox process is complete. We also monitor your progression with a doctor’s supervision and can administer any medication that will make your detox easier and more comfortable.

Residential treatment

Put all images of a cold and sterile hospital building out of your mind – our treatment home is exactly that; a home. It’s warm and inviting with plenty of natural light and a comfortable interior. We’ve worked very hard to make it welcoming.

The stress and chaos of your previous addiction can be left behind in a safe environment where your wellness is paramount. We treat everyone who stays with us with complete dignity and respect, and encourage teamwork and relationship building during your stay.

You can also expect to help your fellow patients maintain the facility and keep everything looking neat and tidy. This is an essential part of your rehabilitation and encourages everyone who stays with us to take responsibility for their own surroundings. Routine and stability are some of the most important aspects of addiction recovery.

Therapies and Treatments

No one’s recovery experience is the same, so we tailor your treatment program around your specific needs. All of our treatments are proven and based on firm evidence; they’ve proven very effective for recovered addicts throughout the country.

Your individual treatment plan will evolve as your recovery develops, and we’re always keen to encourage our patients to try new methods when they feel ready. Sometimes it’s important to keep recovery varied, and some prefer to maintain a strict routine. We’ll accommodate you whatever your preferences.

Your stay with us includes:

One-to-one counseling

  • Weekly sessions with a licensed therapist.
  • All emotional and mental health issues will be diagnosed and worked through systematically.
  • Sessions can be made more frequent according to need.
  • Individuals are encouraged to reflect on their sessions and identify their own personal emotional triggers.

Group counseling

  • Led by a trained and certified drug/alcohol counselor.
  • Groups are brought together to discuss their addiction, experiences and treatment.
  • Topics are kept fairly open, and can include discussion of childhood trauma, guilt, shame and difficult experiences, as well as optimism, motivation and self-acceptance.
  • Peer feedback and discussion in an open and honest environment.


  • Focusing on the effects of drugs and alcohol on both the body and mind.
  • Rooted in biological and physiological fact.
  • The aim is to equip everyone with the right information to keep moving forward and stay healthy.

Art, music, and writing

  • Experiential, fun and creative therapies.
  • Everyone is encouraged to express themselves in alternative ways.
  • Access feelings and thoughts through new, expressive methods.


  • Focusing on belief and connecting with whatever higher power you believe and trust in.
  • Can be helpful for those who are finding their faith, and those who already believe.
  • Facilitated by qualified staff, non-judgmental and completely open.

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