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Admissions Process

Shaking handsIt’s always scary and slightly intimidating to be introduced to a new, unfamiliar environment, and admitting into a rehabilitation facility is no different. We try to make sure every client who stays with us feels comfortable and reassured, and this begins on their first day of treatment.

Admission is a fairly routine and formulaic process, but it will also give you plenty of opportunities to ask questions, get to know your new surroundings, and make yourself feel at home.

We understand addiction, and most of all we understand that the circumstances of you being with us are difficult and unpleasant. It’s for this reason that we emphasize your care, comfort and safety so highly.

Initial assessment

Before you come to His and Her House, we initially assess the level of care you need over the phone. One of our trained staff members will call you and ask some brief questions, so we can understand fully what treatment you’re going to benefit from the most.

We encourage you to be honest and candid during the initial assessment. We’re always compassionate and we never judge. People from all different backgrounds and walks of life can develop addiction problems, and some of the people who work in our facilities have been there themselves.

Some questions we might ask you during your initial assessment:

  • What substances have you been taking or abusing?
  • How long have you been using those substances?
  • Have you tried a treatment program before? How successful was it?
  • Do you have a close support network around you to encourage your recovery?
  • What’s your own personal priority for recovery?

The initial assessment will also give us an opportunity to provide you with some logistical, practical details, such as what to pack and how to find us. You can also take the opportunity to inform us of any dietary requirements or other needs which will affect your stay with us.

Arrival and admission

When your admission date arrives, we understand that you might be feeling a little nervous. We make every effort to make you feel reassured and comfortable during these first few moments, and throughout your stay with us.

Your admissions process…

  • Complete client paperwork.
  • Cover any confidentiality preferences.
  • Mental and physical assessment.
  • Level of detoxification needed will be determined.
  • Existing medication will be reviewed.
  • Tour of the facility.
  • Introduction to treatment and how it will work.

To prevent drugs or alcohol from coming into the facility, we perform an essential, routine search of all bags when clients are admitted. We hope you won’t find this too invasive, and we shall conduct the search with respect.


Everyone’s detox is different and it depends largely on the substances they have been taking. Our professional detox staff will monitor you during this time and try to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Unfortunately, due to the nature of withdrawal, the process can be uncomfortable and unpleasant. The body needs to get used to coping without the substances you have been addicted to, and it’s likely to put up a fight.

You will be medically supervised and your vital signs will be monitored 24/7 to ensure your safety throughout. Detox can be a dangerous process if done without supervision, so we eliminate as much risk as possible.

Beginning your residential treatment

Once the detox process is complete you can begin your residential treatment with us. Everyone is there for similar reasons and has experienced similar things, so compassion and communication is the lifeblood of what we do.

All of our staff are trained, experienced and fully certified, and have a substantial amount of experience in addiction recovery. Your treatment plan will be personal to you and depend on your health, mental state and goals, and you will meet your individual counselor soon after being admitted. You can discuss anything you like with them, including childhood trauma, fears, worries, setbacks and successes.

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