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Court Services

Due to the nature of addiction and how desperate people can become, crime can become an element of their struggle. Theft and burglary, as well as physical assaults and violence, can all be results of drug use.

Court ServicesFor this reason, people are sometimes legally required to go to a rehabilitation facility for their substance abuse problem. If a crime was motivated by drug use, it makes sense for courts to send the individual to a place where the root of their addiction will be addressed, in the hope that they won’t commit any more crime once they’re clean.

According to stats from the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, 80% of offenders use drugs and alcohol, and nearly 50% use drugs regularly while incarcerated. Even if a crime wasn’t specifically motivated by drug use, they also found that 60% of people arrested test positive for some form of illegal substance.

Why We Take Court-Ordered Clients

We take court-ordered clients because we believe that everyone deserves treatment for addiction and an opportunity to rebuild their lives. We treat people from a variety of different backgrounds, all of which have begun taking harmful substances because of the various challenges in their lives. Those who have broken the law are no different, and we want to offer them exactly the same quality of treatment.

The challenges of taking court-ordered clients

Understandably, it can be quite difficult to treat court-ordered clients, because they don’t always come to us willingly. It may be a cliché, but the first step to getting help is admitting you have a problem, and it’s an uphill struggle when working with someone who doesn’t accept this.

  • Feeling confined can make people resist the structured treatment program we have in place. If they don’t complete the treatment, they don’t get better.
  • Some are willing to break the rules of our facility by bringing substances into it secretly. This can affect the recovery of other clients.
  • Many will be familiar with “going through the system”, i.e. child services, care facilities, the courts, and prison. Rehabilitation can often remind people of these environments, even though it’s very different, and won’t make them feel very comfortable or willing to accept help.
  • Some may be disruptive, which affects other clients’ treatment and progress.

How our treatment can benefit court-ordered clients

Despite the challenges, we know that what we offer can benefit everyone who comes to us for treatment, even if they feel they have been forced.

  • Structured exercises and therapies can make people feel secure when they’re unused to it. They may feel it’s something they have needed all along.
  • Our treatment focuses on addiction education. Many learn things about themselves and the substances they are taking that they didn’t know before.
  • Our variety of therapies means that our clients always have plenty to do and plenty to occupy them. Many rekindle their love of exercise or art while they’re with us.

Do we have legal staff on site?

We do not have legal staff on site; our team is made up of medical professionals, addiction specialists and a variety of physical and emotional therapists.

We want everyone in our facility to feel equal, regardless of the circumstances they have found themselves in. No one is treated like a criminal in our facilities.

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