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Admissions - Getting Started

Asking questions and gathering information

The first stage of the admissions process is very personal and is the responsibility of yourself and your loved ones – choosing the facility and making that initial decision to begin treatment. It’s important to ask questions and gather as much information as possible, so that whoever is receiving treatment is fully informed.

Admissions - Getting StartedThere will be times when the individual needing treatment isn’t cohesive or willing to do this research themselves, so it might be beneficial for their loved ones to conduct it for them.

Before the admissions process begins, there will be plenty of time to ask questions and get information first hand. Our counselors and admissions staff will be happy to answer any of your questions and will provide you with plenty of information before you make your decision.

Things to bear in mind when choosing a rehabilitation center:

  • How experienced are the staff? Are they addiction specialists?
  • What medical treatment is available during detox?
  • What specialist therapies (other than group and one-to-one) are available?
  • Where is the center located?
  • How long has the program been running, and how high is the success rate?

Pre-admission Assessment

Over the phone, we will initially ask you some questions to get a better idea of what kind of treatment you’re going to benefit from the most. Everyone comes to us with a unique treatment profile, so it’s important for us to assess everyone on a case-by-case basis. For example, you may require a full, medically supervised detox from the substances you have been taking, or you might benefit from rest only.

We’re always nonjudgmental and give you an open, safe place to talk frankly and candidly about your addiction. The best way to recover is to be completely honest about your addiction and what your goals are for recovery. We will ask you about this during the admissions pre-assessment.

During your initial consultation, we’ll also cover the more practical, logistical arrangements, including transportation, what you should pack, the financial arrangements and how visitation works. It is our goal to make sure you’re fully informed before you arrive at our facility, so we can minimize any worries or uncertainty.

Before you arrive

There are certain things that we don’t allow you to bring into the treatment program, primarily for your own safety and for other clients’ too.

Items not allowed:

  • Medications we haven’t pre-approved or that aren’t in their original container.
  • Laptops, iPads or cell phones
  • Over the counter medication
  • Alcohol-based mouthwash, hydrogen peroxide or isopropyl alcohols.
  • Candles and incense


When you arrive, it’s likely that you’ll be feeling a little apprehensive. We try to assuage any nerves as soon as possible and we’re always very welcoming.

There are a few necessary first steps we have to take care of as part of the admissions process:

Paperwork and health check

Before you admit, we’ll provide you with all necessary client paperwork. This will give us the needed medical information, allowing us to know about anything like dietary requirements or allergies.

We will also conduct a physical and psychological evaluation, so we can understand what toll the addiction has taken on you, and what areas need to be addressed at what stage.


You will have been given a comprehensive list of what you can and cannot bring with you into treatment. You will also receive a list of things you might need to make your stay more comfortable, but perhaps haven’t considered, including books, and a list of loved ones’ phone numbers so you can access them without your cell phone.

We do a routine search of all bags and belongings that are brought into the facility, so that we can check no banned items have been brought in.

Tour of the facility & getting comfortable

Once the red tape has been taken care of, we’ll give you a tour of the facility, introduce you to everyone, and give you some time to get comfortable and make yourself at home.

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