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Is Our Treatment Program Right For You?

Puzzle PiecesResidential addiction treatment is for people who are experiencing physical and psychological dependencyon alcohol or drugs, which is negatively affecting their work, relationships or any other aspect of their daily life.

Our residential treatment programs are designed to follow the detoxification process and build the foundations of recovery. Through comprehensive one-to-one and group therapy, as well as physical and spiritual exercises, we will help you take control of your health and begin a drug-free future.

The length of your stay can vary from 30 to 90 days, which will largely depend on your own personal needs.

The Four Phases of the Residential Program

  • Phase One (1-30 days) – We begin focusing on a tailored treatment plan specific to your addiction.
  • Phase Two (31-60 days) – Some exposure to visitors and social aspects, as well as identifying healthy patterns of recovery going forward.
  • Phase Three (61-90 days) – Address potential relapse triggers and how to deal with them while still in a safe space.
  • Phase Four (90+ days) – We’ll assess your ongoing needs as you prepare to leave treatment.

The Intensive Outpatient Program

The Intensive Outpatient Program is for people who have recovered from a physical and psychological dependencyon alcohol or drugs, and want to stay on the right track with regular therapy.

After residential care, we recommend that clients begin outpatient services. Recovery is a huge mountain to climb and the real challenges begin when you first leave the facility and re-enter the outside world.

To make this transition as safe and risk free as possible, we offer comprehensive outpatient treatment for everyone who recovers and decides to end their residential treatment with us. Many of our clients find that this continued contact with a support network and those they experienced treatment with helps them stay clean.

Outpatient treatment addresses a wide range of areas of recovery management, including maintaining your sober identity, building relationships, and healthy mental health habits.

The priorities of outpatient treatment

  • A stress-free transition – Our facility is comfortable and safe, which makes it an ideal place to achieve recovery and get clean. Going back into the outside world is full of temptations and risks, however, so it helps to maintain contact with us and continue treatment on an ongoing basis.
  • To fit ongoing treatment around returning to work and school – It’s no good encouraging people to maintain their recovery therapy if they can’t physically make the appointments. Part of getting clean and participating in society again is returning to work and study, so our programs are structured around this. There is a morning IOP and an evening IOP, where you can meet with your counselor on a regular basis.
  • Recovery as a part of daily life – Outpatient care is about having the opportunity to turn theory into practice. A lot of the recovery methods you will have discussed during your inpatient, residential treatment will be more challenging when you actually apply them. The stresses of daily life, emotional triggers and people who were involved in your addiction will make recovery feel even harder. Our IOP aims to give clients a consistent and reliable outlet for the continuing challenges they face.

The Christian Track Program

For those who want assistance with their spirituality as well as their addiction, we also run a Christian Track Program. Christ can be a really crucial aspect of people’s recovery from addiction, so we encourage everyone who seeks treatment with us to explore themselves spiritually with the following:

  • Daily meditation
  • Bible study
  • Prayer meetings
  • Yoga
  • Spiritual hiking trips
  • Expressive art and role play.

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