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Why Cold Turkey is the Wrong Choice

March 23, 2017 - - 0 Comments

Cold TurkeyThe term cold turkey is used when an individual gives something up straight away. In regards to alcohol abuse, quitting cold turkey is not recommended and is actually dangerous to the individual. Stopping alcohol abuse with no plan in place and no medical assistance can lead to major health complications and even death. It is important that alcohol abusers have a plan in place and seek assistance via a detox alcohol program for successful treatment as well as to remain healthy during the detox process.

When you quit alcohol cold turkey, you are setting yourself up for disaster. The body will begin to go through withdrawal symptoms, some of which can be life-threatening. No matter how long you have abused alcohol, your body will be affected by the detox from alcohol. You could suffer from seizures, gastric bleeding, and other major issues due to stopping cold turkey. A rehab will actually advise you to stop drinking as you enter the rehab to ensure you will be in a safe environment where your body can ease off the alcohol instead of abruptly stopping.

If you have stopped drinking in the past cold turkey and continue to go through the same motions every few years, you are not solving the underlying problem. You must work with a team of experts to find out why you drink and learn tools and techniques that can be used to ensure you to not drink again. After a detox from alcohol takes place, you might be fine for a while, if you physically make it through the detox period. But what about emotionally?

Drinking alcohol for an abuser is not about the alcohol. There is an underlying issue that causes the individual to drink. It could be something that happened in the past or deep-rooted family issues. Whatever the case may be, it has to be figured out in order for you to get better. You can quit as many time as you like but until the problem is brought to the surface and repaired, you will continue this dangerous cycle.

It is extremely dangerous to continue to abuse alcohol and quit cold turkey time and time again. Many abusers want to quit drinking but find that they repeat the same patterns. This is particularly the case for binge drinkers. Perhaps you go all week without touching alcohol but remain wasted all weekend long. This is a problem. You might tell yourself that you will quit and go a few weeks without drinking, only to binge once again. It is important to recognize when you have a problem and take the right steps to ensure you can break the cycle of alcohol addiction.

Seek treatment from a facility that can assist you with the detox process. You need help to remove the alcohol from your body in a safe manner. Treatment facilities for alcohol have space on-site for detox or work in conjunction with a hospital to ensure that you will be safe and healthy as you purge the alcohol from your system. Do the process right and you will be able to stay safe as well as start out on the path to recovery in the right manner.

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