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Dermis Damage: How Alcohol Negatively Impacts the Skin

May 3, 2017 - - 0 Comments

Alcohol Negatively Impacts the SkinA lot of alcohol rehab facilities focus on physical recovery. Often, this includes practices created to help a patient’s skin. Alcohol is known to damage the liver, but its negative impacts on the skin are just as bad. Drinking inflicts a great deal of damage to one’s dermis, and experts have weighed in on recovery options. Alcohol rehab centers, now, know a lot about drinking’s negative health impacts, including the following skin impacts:

Alcohol Toxifies Skin Cells

Alcohol might make the drinker feel good, but it’s damaging the liver. It’s a hepatotoxin, experts report, which hinders the liver’s ability to reduce the body’s toxins. These toxins can build up in one’s skin cells, resulting in large pores. For this reason, those with alcohol addictions may appear pasty, sallow and even cold.

Dehydration Targets the Skin

“Drinking” is classified as consuming two drinks per day. Drinking too much can greatly damage the skin, as the skin’s mucous membranes need water to stay active. If you drink too much, dehydration occurs. When dehydration occurs, water from the pancreas, liver, and skin is absorbed. Dehydration damage starts slow, but it can quickly result in dry, leathery skin. It can also result in facial blemishes and flakiness.

Alcohol Consumption Inflames the Skin

When consumed, alcohol creates a systematic inflammation within the body. Alcohol rehab facilities believe this histamine reaction is responsible for skin redness, flushing, and inflammation. Over a long period of time, continued alcohol abuse can result in prominent facial redness. While the face is a primary target of skin redness, the rest of the body is similarly susceptible to alcohol’s negative impacts.

Drinking Ages the Skin

As stated above, constant drinking greatly dehydrates the body. When a drinker’s skin is dry for long periods of time, it’s likely to age quicker. Continuous skin dryness causes wrinkles, and alcohol consumption reduces the body’s Vitamin A levels. Vitamin A is essential for skin cell renewal. While staying hydrated helps, overconsumption can result in more wrinkles—and faster aging.

Overconsumption Results in Bloating

Because continuous drinking depletes one’s body of much-needed fluids, vitamins, and electrolytes, the skin can become bloated. The human body will store whatever nutrients it can get. Often, alcoholism results in the body “fighting back” via unconventional storage means. Those suffering from alcohol abuse may appear bloated, as their skin is attempting to store “emergency fluids.”

Alcohol Dilates Facial Blood Vessels

In general, alcohol consumption increases the body’s blood flow. When consumed regularly, it can cause the face’s blood vessels to dilate. Capillaries around the eyes, nose, lips and ears may become enlarged. While this condition may lessen over time, continuous drinking can cause the face’s capillaries to burst. When this happens, drinkers may report difficult-to-remove red spots. Rosacea is a common result, too.

Binge Drinking Reduces Sleep-Based Skin Recovery

Sleep is a vital component of skin recovery. While a few alcoholic beverages may make one drowsy, overconsumption can trigger a norepinephrine burst. Norepinephrine, itself, is the hormone responsible for wakefulness, excitement and even stress. It increases when a night’s sleep is poor, and it can result in reduced skin recovery. Overindulgence in alcohol can reduce one’s REM sleep—resulting in higher norepinephrine levels.

While dehydration certainly damages the skin, day-to-day alcohol consumption can tax the body greatly. Dull, discolored skin is often found in those who drink too much. Fortunately, not consuming alcohol can increase skin resilience. Take care of your skin, rejuvenate your body and contact a professional provider today if you or a loved one are struggling with addiction.

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