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The Difference Between Abstinence And Recovery

November 30, 2016 - - 0 Comments

Abstinence And RecoveryAlcoholism is a deadly disease that steals your joy and takes away your health, freedom, family and even your life.  For those in the grips of this serious illness, each day is a struggle.  Guilt, shame, and fear are constant companions.  Fortunately, there is a solution and there is hope.  Alcohol treatment centers help you overcome alcoholism and find a better way of life.

One major issue that alcoholics face is relapse.  Too often, people find the courage and strength to quit drinking, only to relapse weeks, months or even years later.  What happens?  Why is it so hard to maintain sobriety?

A Life Of Abstinence

People quit drinking and find it doesn’t solve all their problems.  So often, people quit on their own and find that they are just as miserable as they were before they stopped drinking.  This leads to relapse.  After all, people generally stop drinking because they want their lives to change, right?

The problem is that just quitting  doesn’t address any of the other issues that contributed to the problem.  And, without some kind of help from alcohol rehab centers, you won’t learn any of the tools and strategies that can help you live life without substance abuse.

Drinking and drug use are often coping mechanisms used to help people deal with their problems.  These include mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, and other disorders.  People use alcohol to cover feelings of anger, fear, grief or loss.  If the underlying feelings, behaviors, and coping mechanisms aren’t identified and addressed, then staying sober will be difficult, and life may still feel hopeless, frustrating and out of control.

Finding Solution In Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers

In alcohol rehabilitation centers, you will work with experienced counselors to help you identify areas of life that need work.  It’s not all about not drinking or using.  Through the tools, strategies and insights you’ll discover in alcohol rehab centers, you will leave treatment feeling confident about your future.  Learning new behaviors and healthy coping skills is a huge part of recovery, and what helps set recovery apart from just abstinence.

People who are abstinent without recovery are often “white knuckling” it.  This means that they are struggling each day to stay sober through sheer willpower.  They may feel resentful or feel as though they are missing out.  They find they are still leading lives that are unmanageable, unsatisfying and just plain unhappy.  They are often lonely, too.

Recovery Is About Support

Another difference between abstinence and recovery is support.  It’s important to find people in life who understand you.  Spending time with like-minded people helps you to feel supported and loved.  Addiction tends to isolate people, and even in abstinence, you may find you are keeping to yourself, avoiding interaction and lacking support.  This makes for an unhappy, unsatisfying and lonely life.  That’s not recovery.

So What Is Recovery, And How Do You Get It?

Recovery doesn’t just happen when you stop drinking or using.  It’s a result of learning about yourself and doing the work necessary to truly overcome your alcoholism.

People in recovery are able to face life’s challenges without feeling the urge to turn to substances to cope.  Recovery is about self-discovery and learning how to embrace change and create a better future.  People in recovery  enjoy life and have a sense of serenity, acceptance, and gratitude.  They have learned valuable communication skills and set good boundaries.  This leads to improved relationships with family members and loved ones.

Alcohol treatment centers can help you not just survive in your sobriety but thrive.  Recovery isn’t just about willing yourself each day not to drink, it’s about embracing a new life full of hope and possibility.

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