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Sobriety and Family Relationships

January 18, 2017 - - 0 Comments

Sobriety & Family RelationshipsAlcohol treatment centers tend to address this issue because it is common among people who have newly found sobriety. Friends, family, and loved ones might not trust that the treatment “took.” It is common that the addict has lied to the people they love, have hidden their drug use, and generally been the kind of person which is described by words not used in polite company. After inpatient treatment, the first challenge many addicts face is their acceptance into the community they know.

Damaged Relations from Alcoholism

Some relationships can be salvaged with a true apology, that is to say, an explanation of what was done with a sense of remorse and description of the process of not letting it happen again. Some people will not accept such an apology, and that is not a reflection of their character, they simply don’t want to risk again the emotions they expended during the period of addiction. That is the right of the person harmed and part of recovery for the addict to understand such relationships are forever lost.

Intervention, Detox, and Treatment

On a positive note, there are also loved friends and family who never give up, and those are the people who orchestrated the intervention; prayed, cared, and worried during detox, and offered support during treatment. The addict isn’t aware of this, the addict is suffering through the pain of withdrawal and then trying to learn how to live a life of sobriety. While in an alcohol rehab center, the addict is focused on recovery while also realizing how wonderful a gift was given when their loved friends and family conducted an intervention and sent them to rehab.

Family Support

Family support is an important aspect of alcohol treatment centers even though contact with family may be denied during certain times of the treatment. In cases which the addict’s family also uses, there may be an additional hardship of simply not being able to see them again until they also accept the gift of sobriety. In other instances, the addict receives full support from their family and casual use of drugs and alcohol will no longer be a part of family gatherings. Regardless of former relationships, the addict has to focus on their own sobriety and recovery in spite of what family support may or may not offer.

Ongoing Mistrust

In terms of family support, there is also going to be a distinct mistrust of the addict even after attending alcohol rehab centers. It’s just a fact of life. The addict has betrayed the trust of their supporters so many times during the addiction that it simply makes no sense to trust the addict, “one last time” because that trust was lost 27 times ago when it was freely given. One of the tools provided to the addict during treatment is the understanding that forgiveness doesn’t happen tomorrow but indeed takes years of rebuilding the trust by which a relationship was founded.

Rebuilding Relationships over Time

Some relationships are simply gone, that’s the price of addiction. Ex-husbands and wives are not going to get back together with their spouse who is now in recovery. Children are usually generously forgiving and want to see their parent, a parent who is sober and drug-free. Depending on the offenses caused and nature of apology, siblings and beloved friends will usually forgive what the addict did to them. Most importantly, humanity is forgiving by nature.

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