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On the Right Track: Christian Track Programs in Addiction

September 1, 2016 - , - 0 Comments

Christian Track ProgramsThe recovery process is one that takes time, dedication and a desire to reconnect in relationships that may have —at one time— felt like they were lost for good. For individuals who are struggling with addiction, a spiritual connection can help make the drug and alcohol treatment process easier. Christian Track Programs are a type of drug and alcohol rehab that use scriptures, daily meditation, prayer and an individualized Christian curriculum to guide patients through recovery by handing over control to a higher power.

For those who are looking for a drug and alcohol rehab that caters more to your individualized needs or anyone who may have struggled to succeed at more traditional drug and alcohol treatment centers in the past, a faith-based program may be the best alternative treatment option for you.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers: Start the Recovery Process on the Right Track 

The Christian Track Program is designed to help anyone who is struggling with addiction to restore their personal relationship with a higher power and find a solid foundation to begin the recovery process. With this type of drug and alcohol rehab, clients are given the tools they need to repair deep spiritual wounds and their relationship with God, their loved ones and themselves. By using Bible study alongside other recovery literature, many people are able to find the spiritual healing they need to set their lives back on the right track.

One of the most impressive things about this type of drug and alcohol rehab is that while it does work on the basis of a single religion, clients are not required to pick a specific religion to get the full benefits of the program. It is designed so that each person can explore their own spirituality during their treatment sessions and come though with a restored sense of self and their faith.

What to Expect from a Christian Track Program

The combination of medical treatment and faith-based skills allows those who are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction to be successful in their recovery. Often times, individuals who are entering recovery have not only neglected their body by their spirituality as well. With a faith-based program, clients can expect to benefit from medical care that will help them physically handle the withdrawal and the detox process. But what makes this type of drug and alcohol treatment so successful is the fact that your spiritual healing journey is just as important as your physical and psychological healing process.

The Difference that Faith-Based Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers Provide

For the most part, the Christian Track Program stays the same in the majority of drug and alcohol treatment centers across the US. While there may be slight differences depending on the facility, the most successful and the most common themes include:

  • Meditation
  • Prayer
  • Church attendance
  • Personal mentorship
  • Scripture readings
  • 7 Steps to Freedom

When entering drug and alcohol rehab that has such a great focus on the individual, clients who struggle with addiction may find that they benefit from:

  • An increased sense of calm
  • New set of coping skills
  • A healthy way to express feelings
  • A very strong support system
  • Newfound skill set to better care for self
  • Spiritual peace

What are the Main Goals Associated with Christian Track Programs?

Ultimately, this type of drug and alcohol treatment program is designed to help clients regain their personal relationship with God and overcome their addictions. With the help of a strong support system and a home church, post rehab care can continue for each client as their spiritual relationships continue to grow.

Find the Best Drug and Alcohol Rehab Option for You

With this successful drug and alcohol rehab option, anyone who struggles with addiction has everything that they need to create a solid spiritual foundation that will guide them through the recovery process. All of the positive influences associated with this type of faith-based drug and alcohol rehab create the perfect foundation for gaining confidence and strength in oneself. When you are able to rely on the help of strong connections in ministry and discipleship, you will find that you have the tools you need to move forward in life.

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