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4 Things to Know About Outpatient Detox

August 21, 2017 - - 0 Comments

Outpatient DetoxThe number of individuals suffering from alcohol addiction in our nation is still at an astoundingly high rate. The age at which alcohol consumption is beginning is getting lower and lower, as children and young adults are being exposed to alcohol on a regular basis and their access to it is easy. Alcohol addiction is a serious disease that is not easy to overcome. However, with the help of outpatient detox centers, individuals who have an addiction to alcohol can find hope for recovery. In order for an individual to successfully recover from alcohol addiction, they must first detox from the alcohol. Outpatient detox centers can help with this. To learn more about this process, here are four things you need to know about outpatient detox centers. 

What to Know About Withdrawal  

Withdrawal will be experienced very differently by each individual, but the common factor in all withdrawal stages is that it is not an easy process. Withdrawal is difficult, uncomfortable, and a serious process in which the individual could experience serious symptoms such as convulsions, seizures, increased heart rate, hallucinations, severe nausea and vomiting, headaches, anxiety, etc. It is extremely important that an individual is monitored by medical professionals during withdrawal to make sure the individual is safe and can be assisted in a medical emergency if needed. The professionals at an outpatient at an outpatient alcohol detox center can also help identify possible risk factors and what the individual patient can expect throughout their withdrawal.  

Why Professionally Assisted Withdrawal is the Best Method

Some people choose to go the natural route for detox, without any medications or assistance from professionals. While natural detox is possible, it is best to be monitored during withdrawal instead of trying to combat it alone, in the case of an emergency. Many people who choose to go through withdrawal on their own also have a higher chance of relapsing because they are tempted to use as soon as the symptoms become uncomfortable. Because alcohol withdrawal is extremely dangerous, and in some cases even fatal, it is best for detox from alcohol to occur with the assistance of an alcohol detox center. Medical and mental health professionals do not recommend going through alcohol detox alone for the many risk factors and chances of relapse or overdose it can produce. It is always best to go through an outpatient detox center for the best results and overall safety of the individual.  

Stabilization Period 

The first step that will occur at an alcohol detox center is to get the individual stabilized. This includes checking all vital signs and overall health of the patient and beginning them on their journey to detox.  


The alcohol detox process is closely monitored throughout the individual’s journey through their withdrawal. The professional will monitor all vital signs, work through patient feelings and emotions, and make sure that the individual is being monitored at all times while at home. It is possible that the patient might need some medications during the detox process in order to cope with the symptoms of withdrawal, although medications are not always necessary. 

Now that you know more about the detox and withdrawal process in relation to outpatient detox centers, hopefully, you will make the choice to enroll yourself in a program that can help you overcome this disease. If you are reading this article on behalf of a loved one, you can use this information to encourage them towards a life of recovery. There is always hope; with some work and support from professionals, friends, and family, anyone can overcome addiction.

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