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5 Different Types of Drug Detox

December 21, 2016 - , - 0 Comments

Drug DetoxIf you suffering from an addiction, you must realize that detox is one of the first steps to recovery.  Going through a detox program allows you to begin cleansing the body and start the long-term journey to recovery.  The kind of drug detox program you undertake will depend on a variety of factors that include the type of drug, the period you have been using the drug, the severity of the addiction, and your overall health.  It will also depend on whether you’re dealing with an underlying condition that may worsen the withdrawal symptoms during the detox process and the preexisting evidence of other addictions.  With this in mind, drug detox centers have several approaches that you can choose from.

Cold Turkey

Also known as natural detox, it is the simplest yet most risky and controversial type.  It involves abruptly ceasing taking the drug.  You go through the stages of withdrawal in a private setting and you receive little or no medical care or assistance.  This method has little chances of breaking through the initial acute withdrawal stages and many patients end up succumbing to drug use.  This method may be appealing as the financial costs of detox are minimal or none.  Using this method may not be dangerous if it is a case of a mild opiate or marijuana addiction.  Regardless of the drug dependency, most experts don’t recommend this method, as the chances of succeeding aren’t as high as with the other options.  

Medical Detox

A patient may also be on an outpatient basis for months or years.  For those dependent on opiate addiction or prescription painkillers, it typically takes the appearance of heavily regulated drugs such as methadone.  This occurs in specialized detox centers that provide in-patient treatment for the initial stages of detox.  There is an initial evaluation that helps to tailor the treatment plan to the patient.  The main benefit is that you can continue going to work and school while still receiving treatment.  

Medicated Detox

This method does not give you the replacement medication as a medical detox but offers you non-addictive prescription medication that responds to the symptoms you are experiencing during detox.  There is much more focus on the medical aspect.  There is usually a doctor or nurse monitoring you and gradually helping you to step down drug usage in order to reduce symptoms of withdrawal.

For instance, if you are experiencing depression you are given anti- depressants that will help with this.   This makes the whole experience more comfortable and easier to endure.  This is usually done on an in-patient basis.

Inpatient Detox

In this approach, you stay at the detox center on a residential basis to receive 24-hour supervision and care.  This is usually for patients who face a high risk of side effects and having on hand staff to support and comfort an addict is critical for successful detox.  However, it does not take long and once your symptoms subside you are free to go unless otherwise agreed on.

Outpatient Detox

It involves patients visiting a doctor, a clinic or a drug detox center to receive the medical and psychological treatment they need while continuing to live at home.  This enables you to be able to actively transition into your community while still receiving the help that you require.  This approach requires you to regularly attend appointments and so it is ideal for patients who have a sense of personal responsibility and motivation towards their recovery.  This is a cheaper method compared to the inpatient one, as it is not residential.  
However, with outpatient detox, it does not offer constant supervision and counseling, as is the case with in-patient therapy, thus it would not be advisable for those prone to relapses and suffering from severe drug use.

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