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Can Natural Drug Detox Remedies Actually Work?

August 18, 2017 - - 0 Comments

Natural Drug Detox RemediesDrug detox is the process of ridding the body of the devastating toxins from the excessive use of drugs and alcohol. The drug detox process must take place if the individuals suffering from addiction are going to be able to recover from that addiction. Detox helps the individual begin their journey into recovery, as it is the first step in doing so. Detox is a very complex and difficult process and should not be entered into without preparation.

Many individuals choose to complete the detox process in a drug detox center under medical supervision. However, others choose the route of natural drug detox in their home. Detoxing at home might seem like a good idea, as you can be in the comfort of your own home, but it does not come without risks. This article will discuss the difference between natural drug detox at home and drug detox centers, and how to make sure that whatever choice you make, you can be successful.  

Natural Detox at Home 

Natural drug detox at home is extremely difficult; even more difficult than completing a drug detox program in a medical facility. However, it can be done even though it is a less common choice. Even though you can try to prepare yourself for your detox experience, no one is prepared for the challenges and unpleasantness that detox can bring. In order for your body to be fully detoxed, withdrawal has to occur.  

When your body is withdrawing from drugs and alcohol, you can experience several painful and stressful symptoms such as severe bodily pain, anxiety, hallucinations, etc. These symptoms can be hard for anyone to manage, even under medical care. For that reason, many individuals completing detox at home find themselves relapsing at the first sign of uncomfortable symptoms. Another risk of completing detox at home is the medical risks. If someone is having severe medical symptoms from withdrawal and is not being monitored by a medical professional, a serious health emergency could occur.   

On the other hand, completing detox in the comfort of your home, surrounded by a familiar environment and loved ones, could help the individual’s chances of recovery. It all depends on the person and the environment of their home, support of their family and friends, etc. At any rate, it is not recommended to complete natural drug detox in your home alone. Individuals should always speak to their doctor or medical professional first, so there can be some type of medical monitoring, and the individual should never be alone during the withdrawal process. If these tips are heeded, natural detox at home has been known to work, but safety should be a priority.  

Detox in a Facility 

When detox is completed in a drug detox center or facility, the individual will be a supervisor at all times during the withdrawal process. This is helpful in that if any medical emergencies arise, the individual will immediately receive medical attention in a facility that is fully equipped to manage medical emergencies related to drugs and alcohol withdrawal. The detox process is a facility that can be either medically based or natural. With a medically based program, the individual might receive medications that can help with the withdrawal process. However, if the individual chooses the natural approach, they can do so knowing they are close to medical attention should they need it.  

In short, the natural approach to drug and alcohol detox is absolutely feasible, as long as the necessary safety precautions are taken beforehand to ensure the safety of the individual.  

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