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Detox and Mental Health: Be Prepared for the Road Ahead

July 3, 2017 - , - 0 Comments

DetoxDetox from drug or alcohol addiction is just the beginning of your journey. When you think about it, detox is actually the easiest part of the whole treatment process. So when you do decide to commit yourself to a rehab facility, you must also be cognizant of the long road ahead. But fear comes from the unknown so we are going to list down what you can expect in initial stages of your recovery.

How Long is the Detox?

The procedure will depend on the gravity of your addiction and the kind of drug being flushed out. Also, each patient reacts differently to treatment based on their composition and metabolism. The total period of substance abuse will also factor into how long detox would be, then the doctors have to consider if there are other addictions involved.

Under the close supervision of medical personnel in mental health treatment centers, the process itself is very safe. Complications can only occur if patients and their families—with the misguided notion that they can save money—will try to treat the alcoholic on their own.

Going Cold Turkey

The phrase going cold turkey refers to the practice of stopping the consumption of alcohol suddenly. But this is fraught with dangers to the individual if he or she doesn’t consult with medical personnel specializing in alcohol treatment.

Some people may dismiss the dangers of dealing with withdrawals, but health agencies have warned that they could very well cost you your life.  For instance:

  • You might experience seizures
  • You will suffer erratic heart rate
  • Hallucinations
  • You can’t control tremors and goosebumps

What Happens the First Month After Detox?

Just so everything is clear, not all of these symptoms will be experienced by all recovering alcoholics. You must understand that there’s no single template that everybody follows when it comes to treatment. But it’s safe to say that you will experience some of these symptoms so it’s better to be prepared.

  • There’s a general feeling of lethargy in your everyday life. It seems you are no longer capable of having fun
  • You are easily frustrated or irritated by even the smallest of things
  • You feel a sense of loss, not unlike a death of a loved one
  • Your mind is all over the place. Focusing on a task seems impossible at times
  • There’s a feeling of being drowned by life’s events
  • You have trouble sleeping at night
  • It’s hard to make a decision on what could have been a very simple problem
  • You feel anxious
  • You encounter memory lapses, which seem to get worse
  • You will feel unreasonable anger toward your friends and family
  • Being spaced out becomes a normal occurrence
  • You get intense and sudden cravings


What You Can Learn From Addiction Treatment Centers

The good news is that you will learn from addiction centers ways to mitigate the impact.

  • You will learn how to identify your own triggers, and how to deal with them
  • You will learn tips on how to prevent a relapse
  • You will learn how to cope with your stress and unexplained anger
  • You can even learn life skills as you integrate yourself back into society
  • You will internalize the 12-step program, and be introduced to support groups that can help you in your recovery

When recovering alcoholics get out of the safe confines of the mental health treatment centers, there’s a general feeling of hopelessness that it will take a lot of their willpower not to pick up a bottle again. The important thing you should understand is you can’t do it alone, and it’s okay to ask for help.

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