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Discover the Support You Need During Detox at Alcohol Rehab Centers

December 26, 2016 - , - 0 Comments

Alcohol DetoxAddiction is a condition that not only affects you as the patient but also those close to you – family, friends and your community at large.  The emotional, financial and psychological energy that is invested in addiction and the recovery process is extensive and it is highly beneficial for you to get adequate support to beat your addiction.  One of the easiest ways to find this much-needed support is through alcohol treatment centers that offer comprehensive help and care.  

Mutual Support Groups

A component of alcohol rehab centers is that they have support groups for the patients where they interact with each other.  The patients share their stories, their journey, the progress they have made in their journey towards recovery, the challenges they have gone through and what the good days are like and what to do during the bad ones.  This helps you to develop a sense of belonging and makes you feel you are in a safe space where you can fully express yourself without feeling judged.  Like-minded people who have been through similar situations are in a better position to understand your point of view and how much your addiction has affected you and other people.

Alcoholics Anonymous Sponsors

These are peers that have successfully battled addiction and offer guidance and support to the friend in their journey.  The sponsor guides you through the AA program and is there to also listen and offer an emphatic ear when you are on the verge of relapse.  A sponsor is like your mentor.  The focus in AA is for members to support each other.  It is also simpler to share with one individual as compared to a whole group as is the case of group therapy sessions.  The fact that the sponsor also has more experience than you should also be comforting as wisdom will be shared.  You are also free to contact your sponsor day or night because the urge to relapse can hit you anytime.

Creative social outlets

Another perk of being in alcohol treatment centers is that they teach you on better, drug-free ways of engaging socially that do not involve alcohol.  The pent-up energy that you may have or the extra time on your hands can be utilized by engaging in crafts, yoga, meditation, exercise, financial management classes or even engaging in an income generating activity.  Anything to keep your mind off going back to alcohol.  


This involves you taking responsibility for your addiction and realizing that you can help yourself out of it if you have the sense of responsibility to self, coupled with various therapies and medical help.  Taking a personal stand of being accountable for your recovery will go a long way in helping to change your attitude towards recovering.  Having a ‘can-do’ attitude and picking yourself up when you stumble will produce amazing results.  Self-motivation is one of the ways of finding support for your alcohol addiction from within.

Psychosocial skills for family and friends

As stated earlier, alcohol addiction not only affects you but also close friends and family.  It is thus imperative for them to also seek out skills that will enable them to be able to better help their loved one deal with their alcohol addiction. Often, we find that these loved ones impair your addiction recovery either directly or directly.  This may be through bailing you out financially or when you were arrested, making excuses for you and covering up for you.  Although all this was well intentioned, it only serves to further advance the addiction.  

There are tons of resources that loved ones can use to develop these skills.  They can go for counseling and therapy with the patients, read up on the internet on the things to do and not do.  Family and friends can go for counseling themselves as the addiction also affected them in many ways.  This will ultimately equip them with the skills that they will need to help you as an addiction through the difficult recovery process.

There is a world of information out there that you can discover if only you are willing to engage in the process and genuinely find help for yourself as an addict.  

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