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Am I Done with Treatment when I go through Detox?

December 5, 2016 - - 0 Comments

Detox TreatmentYou’ve finally admitted that you have a drinking problem.  You’ve decided that it’s time to get clean and end the control alcohol has in your life by looking for alcohol detox centers.  You know that alcohol detox isn’t easy, but you also know that your life is insane because of your addiction.  So, you’re thinking about checking into detox and hoping to get on with your life.

Not so fast.  You see, you’re not just dependent on alcohol.  You’re addicted.  And while those two concepts can force you to have the next drink, they affect you in different ways.  Here’s how.

The Difference between Addiction and Dependency

Addiction and dependency are two sides of the same coin.  Dependency is your body’s need for the alcohol.  That means your body has grown to rely on the alcohol.  Detox cleans your body of alcohol and enables you to live again the way your life is meant to live.  Addiction is the reliance your brain has to the drug (alcohol) that is often quite hard to overcome.  So, when you go through alcohol detox treatment, you go through the first steps toward being free from alcohol for good.

Your symptoms of alcohol withdrawal can include tremors, headaches, sweating, anxiety, agitation, irritability, overly sensitive to light and sound, nausea, vomiting, disorientation, hallucinations, difficulty concentrating, and in 5 percent of patients, delirium tremens (DTs), which can be quite serious.  That is why going through alcohol detox without proper medical treatment can be dangerous.  Alcohol withdrawal symptoms appear six to 48 hours after you stop drinking and DTs can appear anywhere from two to four days after you have had your last drink.

Your Next Steps

Once you have been through detox in one of the alcohol detox centers, your next step is to combat your addiction.  You see, your body is no longer dependent on the alcohol, but your brain chemistry has been changed to where you crave the alcohol.  Often, you find out that your addiction was caused not just by the drink, but something that happened to you along the way that caused you to drink.  While you may receive some training during your initial detox, it’s important to realize that the next step in your recovery requires you to learn to control your addiction.

You need to learn strategies and coping mechanisms to avoid alcohol.  You’ll learn about the patterns in your life that cause you to drink and learn how to eliminate or avoid those situations.  If you have other health problems, such as depression or anxiety, it’s important to treat those as well, as they may be a contributing factor to your alcoholism.

It’s a Tough Road, but You can do it

Getting clean isn’t easy, but it is worth it.  Think about how alcoholism has impacted your life.  Maybe you’ve been arrested for driving under the influence.  Maybe you’ve been in car accidents.  Maybe you’ve gotten into fights with loved ones on how much you drink.  Maybe you’ve been abusive while drunk.  Maybe you’ve lost your job or been kicked out of school.  Maybe your family has left you.

Yes, it is tough to beat an addiction, which is why there are alcohol detox centers to treat those with addictions.  Because everyone’s addiction is different, It’s important that your treatment is customized to you.  No matter what has been in your past, it’s time to quit the booze and start a new life.  When you’re finally free from your addiction, it’s like having a second chance at life.  What would you do if you were truly free to live your life?  What are your dreams and aspirations?  They’re within grasp when you finally defeat your addiction.  Take the first step and go through alcohol detox.

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