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Drug Detox: Why It Works

September 30, 2016 - , - 0 Comments

Drug DetoxAlthough long-term treatment and recovery are the goals of many addicts, the problems which arise during detox often prevent the process from beginning.  Detox is an important step in the overall process and is considered by some people to be the most difficult part of the process in spite of the challenges presented over time during long-term treatment.

Challenges Specific to Drug Detox

The first challenge which presents itself during detox is the patient, although sober, has thoughts still influenced by drugs or alcohol.  As the realization of what the treatment is going to entail sets in, it becomes apparent the discomfort can be alleviated by giving up before treatment has even begun in earnest.  The physical symptoms of withdrawal during detox cannot be overlooked either.  Anxiety, restlessness, sleeplessness, fatigue, abdominal pains and nausea are common problems during detox although any particular individual may experience any number of symptoms during withdrawal.  Every patient needs to be monitored 24 hours a day with an understanding of every detox case is going to have its own nuanced details.

Traditional Detox Solutions

Although stopping drug or alcohol use immediately can be dangerous, weaning off rarely works as a solution toward recovery.  Both of these approaches have shown to end with disastrous results and generally lead to relapse.  A more useful approach is for a medical specialist to treat the symptoms with safe pharmaceuticals and provide the patient with emotional support through intense counseling.  The addict is in a weakened state through the detox process and even the strongest of people with the highest level of commitment will fall prey to their desire to return to drug use if given the opportunity.  Keeping the patient as comfortable as possible is key toward having them stick with the program and move forward with the treatment process.

Natural Means of Drug Detox

Natural means of drug detox is generally a healthier method but hardly ever appropriate for treating withdrawals from alcohol or legal and illegal opiates.  Natural detox can consist of drinking plenty of water and sweating out the toxins through exercise and saunas.  With the use of a special diet, the patient can begin the process of returning their body to normal as healing begins to take place against the damage internal organs have received from recent abuse.

Why Detox Is Essential to Prevent or Alleviate Withdrawal Symptoms

The first step toward recovery is the decision to attempt it with the courage of understanding addiction is a treatable illness which is not a statement as to the character of the addict.  Next is finding and entering a treatment center to seek out the help and advice of medical professionals experienced with treating the disease.

At this point, withdrawal and detox are going to happen regardless of what the patient wants.  Detox has to be approached with a plan based on the client’s needs with the knowledge of what works in order to see the patient through this critical phase of treatment.  Long-term treatment leading to an extended recovery is the means toward the goal of living a better life which is more fulfilling and productive for both the addict and the community at large.


The final answer is that detox works because it has to.  Addiction is a crippling disease which causes a low quality of life and eventually an early death if left untreated.  Detox normally leads to treatment, which in turn provides the patient with the needed tools to maintain their recovery and move forward with their life.

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