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The Addict’s Excuse: Why They Need Treatment

November 22, 2016 - - 0 Comments

excuse for drug useAnyone who has ever had the experience of loving an addict understands there is always an excuse for drug use and a clever explanation of the addiction.  For those who love the person rather than the addict, it can be far too easy to accept the excuse and pretend to understand the explanation rather than address the immediate issues which the addiction causes.  These situations explain the need for drug addiction treatment in which a trained professional can address the addict’s needs and concerns while discussing legitimate problems behind the addiction and ignoring the nonsense of made-up excuses.

The Assistance of Counseling

Counseling toward the needs of the drug addict is not an easy proposition and requires a professionally trained specialist.  Most addicts know they need help and are crying out for it, but they’ve also developed very specific and particular defense mechanisms which they believe in themselves, and those mechanisms serve to sever relationships which disapprove of their addiction.  Drug addiction treatment can’t begin to happen with a reasonable chance of success until those defenses are recognized and treated as separate entities; walls and moats which distance the addict from the reality of the situation they are in as the addiction feeds itself and determines the ways and means the addict uses to maintain addiction rather than recovery.

Support of Other Addicts

No matter how much a parent, sibling, wife, or husband wants to provide support to the addict they love, they simply can’t provide the same understanding found in drug addiction treatment programs.  The support of loved ones is integral to the addict’s long term successful recovery, but it can’t replace the understanding other addicts in recovery provide.  Addicts have a depth of personality which requires support from more than one source, which they find in drug addiction treatment centers by meeting people trying to resolve similar problems.  Because an addict relies on someone else to help with specific problems they encounter during recovery in no way implies they feel less emotion for the loved ones they care so deeply about.

Community Resources

An additional benefit for the addict of attending drug addiction treatment centers are the community resources the addict has at their availability.  Addiction is a disease, and like any other disease, people in the community are willing to help the sick while they recover from their misfortune.  Drug treatment programs help line the addict up with community services who are understanding of their specific needs.  Regardless of the addict’s personal beliefs, churches are often willing to help someone find their footing and begin a productive life.  Some employers are willing to give a person a second chance, and some landlords express an interest in renting to people in recovery.  These are resources the addict may not have access to without the outreach of the drug treatment program.

Finding the Tools for Long Term Recovery

Eventually, the reason the addict’s excuses fail is because excuses don’t explain the situation or provide a resolution.  Drug treatment programs can instead provide the tools needed for the addict to offer their apologies with ongoing proof of their sincerity through long-term recovery.  In spite of a common saying, respect is not earned, it is freely given until lost, then it is hard to be regained.  But it can be, through forgiveness.  Forgiveness, on the other hand, isn’t freely given but earned.  Today’s society does provide an avenue toward receiving forgiveness, as most people admire the strengths of the addict and want them to make a return through sobriety as a contributing member of the community.

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