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If Fear the Biggest Obstacle to Recovery?

May 30, 2017 - - 0 Comments

If Fear the Biggest Obstacle to RecoveryThere are two things that motive change.  The most powerful one of the two being fear.  Fear can both prevent us from taking action and drive addictive behavior.  The second motivator, and the opposite of fear, is courage.  Courage is pressing forward to make something happen, despite any uncertainty.  If you have ever considered going to an addiction treatment center, you were likely fearful of what might happen there.  It is normal to fear many things, but when that fear is keeping you in addiction, it’s time to take action.

Fear is a substantial part of both active addiction and recovery.  If you are using, you have fears of not getting or having your drug of choice.  You have fears of being arrested, of being caught using by your work or family.  Everything about your time in active addiction has fear written all over it.  You also might fear going to drug addiction treatment and facing the idea that you need to get sober. Fear can be the motivator that finally gets you sober.  If you are scared for your life or worried about what the next set of consequences are in your life due to your addiction, that can be a good fear.  Acting out of fear is acting because you do not want something to happen, instead of wanting it to happen.  Big difference.

There is nothing wrong with feeling fear.  It is a natural feeling created by your brain.  It is ingrained in you but there are ways to stay on top of fear and to turn that fear into courage instead. Here are some things to know about fear and what you can do.

Fear is never in the present.  The basis of fear is a perceived negative outcome that hasn’t and likely won’t happen.  It is only your interpretation of what might happen under a set of circumstances.  To combat this, you need to stay in the present.  It doesn’t matter if this even is 10 minutes or 10 years from now.  Instead of dwelling in your head about what might be, stay focused on what is going on around you and how you can help others so that you can get out of your head.

Fear is also nothing unless you give it power.  The more you think about the terrible things that could happen, the greater the fear becomes.  Fear is a feeling only.  If we were all to live and make decisions based on our feelings at the time, the world would be a pretty crazy place.  We cannot live life that way.  We need to live in a way that reflects what we know to be true, not what might be.  When you think this way and the action you take is a success, the fear goes away you know will know that you don’t have to let that particular fear get in the way of living any longer.

Fear is about loss.  Depending on how you attached you are to something, the fear is equal.  It could be money, love, your status, anything.  By following the techniques taught by addiction treatment centers, you can stay grounded and learn to appreciate what you have and stay focused on what you need, not what you want.  Don’t let yourself be defined by an object.  Let your actions define you.

There is a saying in Alcoholics Anonymous that goes like this.  “It’s not dying I am afraid of, it is living”.  When you are in active addiction, it is easy to stay on a destructive path and to not care for yourself.  It is much harder to take the right path and to stay on it, but much more rewarding.

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