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The Five Most Dangerous Synthetic Drugs Available

October 12, 2016 - - 0 Comments

Synthetic DrugsOver the years, drug addiction treatment centers have researched the dangers of synthetic drugs.  Today, numerous synthetic drugs are available as either pharmaceuticals or illegal substances.  A lot of psychiatric and scientific studies have confirmed the prevalence of these drugs in modern culture, treatment methods, and questionable use.  Individuals may not realize, however, which synthetics are fueling addiction, cognitive damage, health issues and even death.  Today’s scientists have spoken, and they’ve settled on the following five substances as the most dangerous synthetic drugs currently available:

Five: Kratom

Made from a Thailand-indigenous tree, Kratom has been eaten and chewed for centuries.  Recently, the U.S.  Drug Enforcement Agency has considered kratom to be a drug of concern.  The herb has additionally been extracted multiple times, creating a synthetic extract for consumption.  Often used by individuals to “wean” themselves off of prescription painkillers, kratom is dangerously addictive, dangerous and even life-threatening.

Four: Synthetic Cannabinoids

Potpourri, spice, and K2 are among the world’s deadliest synthetics today.  Modern hospitals, in fact, have reported a rise in synthetic cannabinoid use.  Symptoms of synthetic cannabinoid use include vomiting, seizures, hallucinations, increased anxiety, hallucinations and even death.  Not to be confused with cannabis, synthetic cannabinoids are filled with harsh toxins and over 120 different, non-FDA-approved chemicals.  For this reason, drug addiction treatment centers have been on the watch for new mixtures hitting the streets.

Three: Ketamine

Also called “Vitamin K” and “Special K,” ketamine was developed about 60 years ago to be a veterinary anesthetic.  In recent decades, it’s been utilized by the black market as a synthetic component of PCP and angel dust.  Ketamine’s hallucinatory effects have become popular in raves, and its resulting 539 emergency room visits in 2009 were only the beginning.  The Drug Abuse Warning Network considers ketamine to be one of the most dangerous synthetic substances on the streets today.  Drug addiction treatment resulting from ketamine abuse must often remedy bladder, kidney and mental damages sustained by the drug.  Snorted or smoked as a powder, the synthetic substance has also been used as a “date-rape drug.”

Two: Molly

A synthetic, refined version of Ecstasy, Molly is allegedly safer than the highly popular drug.  That said, Molly has recently been targeted by the Drug Enforcement Agency due to its incredible dangers.  Listed as a Schedule 1 controlled substance, Molly may cause consumers to become confused, overheated and dehydrated.  These side effects, when extreme, can potentially cause brain damage.  During the Washington State music festival of 2013, the DEA reported 125 hospitalizations due to the drug.  Highly popular in college towns, Molly is quickly catching on due to its low cost.  Molly will likely garner higher attention in the near future, as its deadly aspects are far from ignored.

One: Synthetic Cathinones

Also referred to as “bath salts,” synthetic cathinones are related, chemically, to the khat plant stimulant.  Khat, itself, is an East African shrub.  In the past, individuals consumed it for its mild stimulation.  Synthetic cathinones, however, are considered to be part of the “new psychoactive substances” wave.  Mind-altering, highly addictive and marketed as cheap substitutes for methamphetamine, synthetic cathinones often carry the following titles: Bloom, Flakka, Lunar Wave, Cloud Nine, White Lightning, Vanilla Sky and Scarface.

Synthetic drugs are widely regarded as dangerous.  Sadly, many individuals acquire, use and abuse these substances due to overarching low costs, accessibility and ease of consumption.  For this reason, it’s incredibly important to understand their existence.  The drugs mentioned above, while not the only synthetic substances available, have become incredibly popular in recent years.  The world of underground drug acquisition is constantly changing, but understanding the prevalence of today’s dangerous, widely used synthetics helps experts understand and treat those suffering from addiction.

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