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When It Is Time to Seek Out Drug Addiction Treatment

February 8, 2017 - - 0 Comments

Drug Addiction TreatmentAddiction is a chronic disease that affects both behavior and brain functioning. Although it is treatable, it is considered a lifelong disease whose treatment requires a continuous effort by the addict  – and it is often accompanied by relapses. Drug addiction is often recognized by obsessive or uncontrolled drug use despite the detrimental effects accompanied by them.

With addiction, over time your will to control the drug use is compromised. Addiction affects parts of the brain that conduct memory storage, learning, behavior, and control. Many people under the influence of drugs and alcohol are in denial that they have a problem or that they need help.

Criteria to determine addiction severity

If you are an addict, it will occur to you that you are on the safe side and that you have control over what you take. Is this really the case? No. Most addicts do not want to accept they are messed up either because they fear missing out on all the ‘fun’, they will not fit in their peer group (because everyone is doing it). The following ten criteria, however, will be an eye opener for you to gauge your situation.

  • You lack control over your drug/alcohol use and attitude
  • You want to quit but you are not able to
  • Most of your time and money is spent on trying to score
  • Cravings for the substance is the order of the day
  • You neglect your responsibilities at school or work
  • Ever since you started drug use, your relationships at home, school or the workplace have gone awry
  • Tolerance to a substance. You can take more than before and still feel the need for more
  • You have easily
  • annoyed. Standing in a line bothers you, you flip at very petty issues or you cannot stand questioning from a close friend or relative.  
  • Increased depression and anxiety

Be honest with yourself and see how many of the listed criteria you meet. Depending on the number of criteria you ascribe to, you are the only one who can determine whether you are in the mild or severe state. A concerned relative or friend can also help you assess your situation. Whether your substance abuse is mild or severe, you need a proper drug addiction treatment which will help stop your drug use, help you stay drug-free.

High-functioning addicts

You may be that kind of person who lives a double life; one is the career person and the other is the addict who is always kept behind the scene. You are questioning the criteria because despite your addiction you excel in your school work or career. This does not mean you do not need help.
A person with such attributes is said to be a high functioning addict because he/she stays high to carry out their responsibility efficiently. Since low productivity is never experienced from this lot, a dangerous incident is the only thing that can bring their problem to light. This is dangerous because addiction has progressed for a long time at the time of discovery and it could be already too late. If you are an addict of any substance, get help and visit any nearby drug addiction treatment centers for your own good.

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