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Rehab Offers the Most Comprehensive – and Personalized – Addiction Therapy Available

December 5, 2018 - - 0 Comments

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Like millions of people around the nation today, you feel trapped by addiction. Every day, you stare at your bottle of alcohol, your syringe of heroin, or even your prescription Xanax and say “Today is the last day I ever use.” And although part of you means it and is fully committed to obtaining a sober lifestyle, you fall back on opiates, methamphetamine, and benzos again and again. Who could blame you if you feel like life is hopeless?

But while you may feel full of despair and unable to overcome your dependency, there really is hope for you on the horizon. Drugs are not more powerful than you, and they do not define you. In fact, your recovery is possible if you are willing to commit to a high-quality rehab center that focuses both on detox from physical addiction and using dual-diagnosis to treat mental health problems like anxiety, depression, and various forms of trauma.

Thankfully, drug rehabilitation centers have come a long way since their early days and now offer people like you with the best chance of beating addiction to benzodiazepines and for managing the PTSD that often surrounds drug use. That’s because drug rehab centers offer the most comprehensive and personalized treatment option of any other method currently on the market.


The Many Benefits of Rehab Programs

Drug rehab and addiction treatment programs provide individuals with the most potent and effective way to overcome addiction. The recovery methods offered in these centers are among the most caring, understanding, and diverse in the world. A growing number of people are finding out that inpatient and outpatient detox and 12 step recovery provide care that is:

  • Personalized
  • Diverse
  • Caring
  • Multi-faceted
  • Flexible and adaptable

Each of these traits is critical for those who are attempting to overcome the dangers of drug addiction in a focused and effective way. So to help you better understand the benefits of each of these approaches, we will break down each of these traits in a separate section below and discuss just how a rehab center provides this type of care.

In this way, you or a loved one suffering from drug abuse problems can fully understand all of your care choices and can make the right decision for your needs. Just as importantly, you can know what type of treatment method is right for you and will take steps to address your addiction on a powerful and practical level. Simply put, drug rehab programs provide you with the best possible chance of regaining the drug-free life you so desperately desire.


Personalized Care Increases Chances of Success

Addiction TherapyThere are some pretty telling statistics that showcase how effective drug rehab can be for people who are willing to commit. Studies have found that relapse rates for individuals who attend treatment is about 40-60 percent, with a success rate on a very similar level. That may not sound great but relapse rates for people who do not attend drug rehab skyrocket to nearly 80 percent.

And relapse is part of the recovery process and one that most treatment methods cannot avoid. A relapse is not a failure but a chance to learn and grow and adapt to your recovery needs. And getting this kind of care is possible in a rehab center because they provide personalized and individual care treatments that you simply cannot get from any other kind of medical professional.

For example, a rehab center will have your records from past treatment visits and will understand what worked for you and what did not. They can then work with you to better understand your relapse triggers and to adjust your care to ensure that you are properly treated. The idea here is to eventually understand what behaviors trigger your addiction and how you can overcome them.

Eventually, you will find a care plan that works for you and can make a lifelong commitment to staying sober for the rest of your life. And that really is the major challenge here for most people. Sobriety isn’t maintained by finishing treatment in a rehab center but by working on yourself – with the care of professionals – to keep your addiction in check every day for the rest of your life. With the help of rehab, you can adjust your behavior to better cope with these issues.


Diverse Treatment Plans Improve Success Rates Recovery Success

If you have never attempted rehab before, you might have a pretty big misunderstanding of how it works. Many people believe that rehab is people sitting in a small room and talking about their addiction. Others may think that recovery from drug abuse requires a lot of personal physical pain that can be very devastating for some to handle without help.

And while it is true that you will be talking to individuals about your mental health problems, you can do it in any way that works for you. Some people experience their best success in a group setting while others need a one-on-one scenario. And in some situations, people may need even more specialized care to overcome specific mental health disorders.

For example, those with a borderline personality disorder often need dialectical behavioral therapy to change the ways that they interact with the world. Behavior adjustment is often critical because dependency often traps a person by redirecting their specific behavior patterns and trapping them in ones that are hard to escape and which are physically and morally problematic.

And even people who don’t suffer from behavioral problems often need adjustments to ensure that they aren’t hurting themselves or others. For example, it may be necessary for a person to understand why they keep getting trapped in relapses and what triggers them. By fully understanding relapse triggers in this way, you can break the negative pattern of abuse that keeps you addicted and forge ahead on a new path towards complete sobriety.


Caring Individuals Help Those in Rehab

Decades of misunderstanding from television shows and movies have created the idea that drug rehab is a mean-spirited or cruel place where people are treated poorly. Moreover, when people think of mental health care and PTSD treatment, they may have troubles getting visions of Nurse Ratchet out of their head. However, the reality of rehab has moved beyond such silly melodrama.

Therapy CareThese days, the best drug treatment facilities are staffed with people who truly care about the individuals that they are treating. Each person is treated not as a statistic or as a body to cure but a human being who has feelings, emotions, and specific needs. During your treatment, every aspect of your care will be handled in a focused and meaningful way specific to you.

Just as importantly, you will meet individuals like you who are going through the same kinds of problems every day. These people will be able to understand where you are coming from as an individual and will treat your issues with care and respect. Many people walk out of rehab with friends whom they end up keeping for the rest of their lives and through their total recovery.

In fact, you may be able to make what are known as sober buddies while you are going through rehab. Sober buddies are individuals whom you can count on to stay dry and healthy with you when you feel addiction creeping on you. Just as importantly, these people can help get you medical help if you relapse and overdose or can even talk you through a relapse situation which you feel like you can’t escape from without real support.


Multi-Faceted Approaches Handle Multiple Issues

One of the best parts about drug rehab is that it provides you with a multitude of possible approaches that should more than easily handle your addiction. While recovery isn’t guaranteed if you go through addiction treatment, the various strategies available do help to improve your chances of possible success by creating a more comprehensive approach.

Thankfully, every element of your drug abuse will be handled in a comprehensive manner designed to provide you with a holistic recovery. Just a few of the ways that professionals will manage your addiction include the following:

  • Physical Detox – Physical addiction to alcohol, opiates, and opioids is often very painful and requires the use of high-quality medicines to manage. These medicines help to minimize your withdrawal pain and keep you from experiencing negative results.
  • Psychological Analysis – The most important part of your care likely lies in psychological analysis. There are many types of treatment methods available here to help better understand co-occurring disorders and to overcome the mental problems triggering your dependency.
  • Behavior Adjustment – Addictive behaviors often create a cyclical experience that can trap you in the grip of drug abuse for years at a time. Better understanding the often unconscious triggers for your addiction may give you a better chance of overcoming them.
  • Nutritional Care – People who are addicted to drugs often suffer from nutritional deficiencies that can be really painful and damaging to their bodies. High-quality rehab centers provide a platform on which you can rebuild your health in a healing and successful way.

What is particularly nice about drug rehab is that all of these treatment methods can be adjusted and tweaked to suit the specific needs of an individual. Some ways will work very well for a period while others will not. Understanding that adaptability is critical to ensuring a higher chance of recovering from drug dependency.


Flexible and Adaptable Treatment Changes With an Individual

During your stay in a high-quality rehab center, your treatment needs are going to continually change and require different approaches. For example, you might end up experiencing a real breakthrough psychologically that helps you achieve a stronger sense of balance in your life. In this scenario, you may be able to go into a less controlled environment for your treatment.

However, the opposite situation could also happen and seriously threaten your overall health and safety. For example, you might fall into a severe relapse state and suffer from a high level of pain caused by your need to use opiates. In this scenario, you may need more specialized treatment methods to avoid falling victim to severe recovery complications.

Whatever your unique challenges, a high-quality rehab center will assess the problem as quickly as possible and ensure that you don’t experience even more side effects. For example, an application of more detox medications may be necessary to help you from falling into relapse. Moreover, more detailed dual-diagnosis, including specialized behavioral adjustments, may be available.

No matter what your situation or how severe your addiction, a high-quality rehab center can help you overcome these issues. They will work with you to address common problems, such as relapses and severe cravings, and will treat them in a way that accurately assesses your dependency and which will work to minimize your risk of falling back into drug abuse behaviors.


Getting the Care You Need

As you can see, drug rehab is still the most effective way to overcome addiction to opioids like heroin, benzodiazepines, and even prescription medications like Xanax. Rather than focus strictly on physical health, most recovery and treatment centers provide high-quality dual-diagnosis for PTSD, trauma, and other types of mental health problems. These issues need to be handled uniformly to achieve success.

Also, just as importantly, high-quality rehab centers typically have aftercare treatment that you can utilize to ensure that you are successful. For example, mental health therapy options are available that provide a comprehensive and effective way to get through dual-diagnosis in a smooth manner. Just as importantly, outpatient options help you maintain when you feel relapse staring you in the face.

So please don’t hesitate to contact us right now if you feel trapped by drugs and have nowhere else to turn. Our caring and professional operators understand where you are coming from with your addiction, as many have been caught in the same cycle. And our treatment specialists will work hard to ensure that you are taken care of in a healing and caring manner.

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