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3 Myths About Drug Detox Programs Debunked

September 18, 2017 - , - 0 Comments

There are so many myths surrounding specialist drug detox programs that someone with addiction issues can be deterred from seeking treatment, with families and loved ones feeling just as confused as the person they need to support. Nevertheless, drug detox is a fundamental step towards a life of sobriety and so it’s essential to know what’s accurate and what isn’t when it comes to choosing drug detox programs.

Some addicts depend on natural drug detox as the only affordable solution to their issues and that’s because before rehabilitation can start, the body needs to be completely purged of any mind-altering substances. Only then can cohesive and consistent care commence to prepare someone who has become accustomed to a life of addiction, for a new one in sobriety. For many, a rehabilitation treatment program that can last anything from 30 to 90 days and more is either unaffordable financially or in terms of time commitment, particularly if they are parents of young children.

In order to set the record straight, we evaluate three of the most common myths surrounding the natural drug detox process and the significant benefits it has on the journey to addiction recovery:

Myth 1: Detox is Sufficient to Cure Addiction

The medical definition of detoxification is “a metabolic process in which toxins are converted into less toxic, readily execrable substances that are then expelled from the body naturally.” Completing detox successfully doesn’t mean that the body is no longer under the influence of addiction. Some substances remain in the body for longer than others, depending on the drug involved and level of addiction.

Also, addiction is a chronic disease that is more deep-rooted than just abusing substances. It is the motivation behind the initial steps that led to increasingly addictive behavior and the driver of the compulsion itself that needs to be addressed for a successful recovery. While detox serves as an intervention for the body from the harmful effects of prolonged substance abuse, there are emotional and psychological issues involved that can potentially trigger relapse if left untreated.

Myth 2: Inpatient Drug Detox Is the Only Effective Way

Not many people are aware that there are different types of drug detox programs offering treatment on both an inpatient and outpatient basis. In fact, one of the most popular ways to detox for outpatients with more serious addiction issues is known as medically assisted detoxification. This is a program of prescription medication such as methadone or suboxone which can be administered at home, with regular visits to the doctor’s office for support and advice.

Although outpatient addiction treatment is less intensive than inpatient programs, an individual is allowed to take their rehabilitation at their own pace for very effective recovery. According to research, the benefits of outpatient rehabilitation include:

  • Doses are reduced over time allowing dependency to naturally taper off
  • Prescription drugs used to replace illegal substances for detox reduce withdrawal symptoms
  • Constant medical supervision is not required for effective outpatient detox

Myth 3: DIY Detox is Worth It to Save Time and Money

Many people believe they are capable of undertaking their own drug detox by simply going cold turkey although this is rarely the case. Experts agree that this form of detoxification is actually very dangerous as the withdrawal symptoms from some substances can be very distressing and sometimes life-threatening.

Someone under the influence of addiction is not best-placed to make decisions as to the best way to treat the disease. This is mainly due to the general disregard of addiction as a chronic disease that is best treated by someone with specialist medical training.


Although there are myths surrounding the detox process, it is nevertheless an inevitable step in rehabilitation from addiction. Whether someone chooses an outpatient or inpatient drug detox program, it marks an acceptance that there is an issue in need of addressing. Demystifying the detox process serves to remove the fear of the unknown and treatment in the hands of professionals can add a significant support system to many seeking to rid themselves of addiction.

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