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Experimental Therapy at Drug Addiction Treatment Centers

March 7, 2017 - , - 0 Comments

Experimental TherapyThe most common forms of drug addiction treatment include detox, individual counseling, and group therapy. Both inpatient and outpatient treatment types have proven to be quality methods of breaking the cycle of drug addiction. While these methods are tried and true, there are also experimental treatments being used at addiction treatment centers to help individuals work on their addiction habits and underlying emotional issues. Below are a few examples of such experimental treatment options.


Electroencephalography sensors, otherwise known as EEG, are used in the neurofeedback method to view brain activity via a computer. The procedure has been used in a variety of ways including assisting with such conditions as PTSD. Within the past few years, the option has become one that addiction treatment centers are using to deal with drug addiction. Many feel that the therapy type works to alleviate insomnia and anger which are key triggers to drug relapse.


For many years, meditation has been considered a treatment option for drug addiction. However, within the past few years, 12 step programs, as well as counselors, have begun to integrate meditation practices to help prevent a relapse in drug use. Individuals seeking treatment are taught to gain mindfulness to become aware of thoughts and feelings which help to prevent a relapse.

By using meditation, the former drug abuser can regulate the mood, lowering stress hormones and increasing the immune system.

Pet Therapy

Animal/pet therapy is yet another experimental option for treatment, helping addicts to focus on something else other than themselves. The addict is provided with an animal to care for which can help the person in recovery to become nurturing and create a deeper sense of self. Evidence from this therapy type has proven that quality with pets has many benefits including lowering blood pressure, raising self-esteem, and reducing anxiety, lowering stress levels and reducing the physical symptoms of illness.

One option that many treatment centers will provide is equine therapy. Riding horses, cleaning up and interacting with the creatures can be beneficial to addicts in recovery. Bonding with horses can help to build self-esteem, patience, trust and confidence.


Facilities offering drug addiction treatment also look to gardening as a form of therapy. For many, becoming involved in gardening can promote an overall sense of well-being. The individual takes on a caregiver role as they must tend to the plants and flowers of the garden. With gardening, individuals will see a reduction in aggressive tendencies, cortisol levels will decrease, self-esteem will be improved and anxiety lessened.

Art Therapy

Being creative can provide an outlet for the drug addict to release emotions and feelings. With art therapy, the addict has the ability to go outside themselves and create something to represent how they are feeling that day, how drugs make them feel, goals for their new life, etc. Studies have proven that art therapy can help to reduce a relapse into drug use by lowering depression, stress, and anxiety.

Virtual Reality

Perhaps one of the most interesting and unusual treatment options that can be tried today is virtual reality therapy. Therapists use virtual reality technology to create a real-life experience. New applications are being created with the technology to help patients with disorders, addiction and behavior problems. Addicts can learn how to beat cravings to certain drugs, going through scenarios to teach how to react in given situations.

Overall, these therapy types offer individuals the option of becoming drug-free. By trying various methods, the best treatment type can be found to ensure success when getting clean. Find the right therapy type for you or a family member to begin on the road to recovery.

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