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Natural Drug Detox Methods That Work

February 21, 2017 - , - 0 Comments

atural Drug Detox MethodsDetox is a process which can rid the body of toxic substances and compounds that need to be eliminated. The liver is the vital organ involved in processing all drugs and, indeed, foods and drinks through the body. If this process does not take place, liver toxicity occurs.

Why natural detox?

With the advent of medical research, many people nowadays opt for natural products in terms of food, medication, facial scrubs and even hair conditioning. This is because natural products have fewer side effects as compared to chemical products. In drug addiction treatment, detoxifying is one of the major steps to recovering. A drug detox program removes drugs and toxins from the body, allowing for recovery. As an addict, you must consider your detoxifying options based on:

  • The substance you are addicted to
  • How long you have been hooked on drugs
  • Your financial resources
  • How committed you are to become abstinent

Natural detox vs medical detox

Natural detox involves detoxification without pharmaceuticals and drugs. It is advantageous to its medical alternative because of the fact that it does not require medical drug substitutes. Addicts being administered on medical detox are at times given pharmaceutically prescribed drugs to cool down the withdrawal symptoms involved in the recovery process. This can lead to further addiction to some patients if the health care givers are not careful.

Due to this, many addicts may go for the natural option. However, this does not mean that the natural alternative has no disadvantages. Addicts of hard drugs can be at high risk when planning to implement this method because the severity of the withdrawal could be life threatening.

Methods of natural detox

There are a number of methods which are used. These include:

Healthy diet

A healthy diet always keeps the doctor at bay. Even in the case of drug addiction treatment, the person is required to have plenty of vegetables and fruit supplements for the body to fight the devastating withdrawal effects.

Drinking water

Everyone is expected to drink lots of water whether sick or not. In natural drug detox recovery, you need to take 9-12 glasses of water which helps in flushing out toxins. Being hydrated, allow you to sweat, which is another method of losing those harmful toxins. Water also helps cool the body when hot.


Cardiovascular exercises such as swimming, running, dancing, cycling and doing aerobics help burn fat. Chemicals and toxins which enter the body are most commonly stored in fat cells and burning these fats help lose contaminants. Sweat produced in the process is also a channel of eliminating all the toxins.

Dandelion flower tablet

When taking food, take one 500mg tablet. It contains insulin as its active ingredient that enhances the natural flow of bile which in turn facilitates the proper functioning of the liver.

Ginger tea

A cup of ginger tea a day is important. Gingerol in the tea is responsible for stimulating sweat glands to produce more sweat. The chemical contaminants are then lost through the skin


Not eating for a day or two could be beneficial to you as the body takes this opportunity to heal and purify itself. In case you want to practice longer fasting periods first consult the doctor to get a go ahead. Stored fats during fasting are broken down and along with it, the toxins are also disintegrated to be removed later by the body.

Take Herbal supplements

Herbal supplements such as milk thistle and Uvaursi are quite common due to their benefits. Milk thistle- helps in the cleaning process of the liver while

Uvaursi cleans the kidneys and maintains their working at a high capacity. Kidneys are responsible in the daily straining of the blood stream in order to remove impurities and wastes thus require to be kept healthy.

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