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Steps to Expect When Entering Drug and Alcohol Rehab

March 9, 2017 - , - 0 Comments

Entering Drug and Alcohol RehabIf you or a loved one are entering drug and alcohol rehab for the very first time, you may be nervous as you do not know what to expect. First of all, congratulations for taking the first step to recovery. You will find that when you are willing to enter rehab, the treatment process will be a lot smoother. Rehab facilities need patients to be willing to accept treatment in order to learn more about their addiction. Deciding to go inside and begin treatment is the first of many steps in the process. Read on to see what to expect.


To begin, the drug and alcohol treatment center will require you to detox. All of the drugs and alcohol must leave your body, and depending on how long you have been using, there can be major side effects. Some treatment centers have in-house detoxification areas while others work with local hospitals to ensure that you can become clean and sober before treatment begins. In general, it can take five to seven days for the detox process to be completed. Medical professionals will provide you with assistance as your body releases the toxins associated with the drugs and alcohol. Once the detox stage is complete, you will be ready to move into the facilities.

The Treatment Facility

Treatment facilities will vary based on where you are located. There are primitive treatment centers that focus on nature, with patient rooms located in cabins. There are more upscale addiction treatment centers where you may feel like you are in a spa-like setting. It is best to find a facility that offers the treatment options you need along with comfortable surroundings and professional employees including therapists and medical professionals. You want to receive quality care for your drug and alcohol addiction needs.

The Program

With drug and alcohol rehab programs, you will have a customized treatment plan created just for you. You should start with individual therapy working with a licensed therapist so you can get to the root of your drug addiction. Once you know the reason you use and are no longer in denial, then the work can truly begin. The therapist will recommend treatment options for you within the facility to help move past your addiction. Such treatment types can include individual therapy, group therapy, pet therapy, mediation, exercise and more.

The programs available will depend on the facility you are attending. In the early stages, you may find that you are in denial as to how serious of a problem you have. Treatment programs are designed to break any barriers and help the patient realize what is going on in their life and how they can become clean and sober.

Getting the Family Involved

For many drug and alcohol addicts, it is the family that gets the individual into a treatment center. Family plays an important role in recovery. A successful program will include family members to help ensure success in the patient staying away from drugs and alcohol. Family members or friends may become involved in the initial assessment as well as in therapy sessions.

Family members will be able to learn about the addiction and find resources to help encourage the recovery process. Family members will also find this a time of healing for themselves as the effects of the drug abuse on each family member can be discussed so old wounds can be healed.

When searching for a drug and alcohol treatment center, be sure to consider all aspects of the facility. Make a list of pros and cons to find the right facility for treatment to ensure success.

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