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Effective Treatment for Patients Who Have A Dual Diagnosis

December 8, 2016 - - 0 Comments

Dual DiagnosisMental health inpatient treatment centers must often treat patients who have a dual diagnosis.  A dual diagnosis involves separate health conditions that can have a dramatic effect on how each condition is treated.  With inpatient mental health treatment, the two most common health conditions have to do with drug or alcohol addiction and a mental disorder.  It is often found that through the diagnosis of one condition, the other one is uncovered.  This does not mean that one health condition caused the other, but it may have played a role in how the conditions progressed.

Controlling the Addiction

Doctors at a mental health treatment center may have to bring the drug addiction under control to effectively diagnose and treat the mental disorder.  At mental health inpatient treatment centers, doctors have the capability of monitoring the patient 24 hours a day as they begin to detox from the drugs.  This will give them a good look at how the person responds to treatment and to what degree their mental disorder has impacted their ability to control their drug use.  Doctors will closely monitor their actions and responses as the detox program gradually allows their body to return to its natural state.

Treating the Mental Disorder

Once the drug addiction has been brought under control, the doctor will be better able to determine how well the person functions with their mental disorder.  If a patient has been admitted to an inpatient treatment center, there is less chance that they will revert to drug use prior to getting their mental disorder under control.  Mental disorders can be controlled through various types of medication.  While in an inpatient facility, the doctors and nursing staff will monitor each person who has been diagnosed with both a drug addiction and a mental disorder very closely.  Part of the reason for this is due to the fact that the medications that must be taken to control the mental disorders may pose a problem if mixed with a person’s recreational drug of choice.  

Preventing a Relapse

Another reason for using an inpatient facility to treat a dual diagnosis is to ensure the patient has a solid foundation to base their recovery.  By helping them establish positive lifestyle patterns why they are a patient, it will be easier for them to resist temptation when they return to their normal lives.  If a patient has a dual diagnosis and is treated for both while at the facility, they will be given the resources and medications to help them cope with both effectively and efficiently.  Receiving counseling on a regular basis will also provide a much-needed support system the person may not have access to outside of the mental health facility.

Treating a dual diagnosis takes skill and dedication.  While one does not cause the other, it can play a role in how the other is treated and what types of treatment can be effectively used.  Every person will respond differently to their treatment due to the type of mental disorder and their recreational drug of choice.  Treating one condition will greatly affect how the other is treated, even though the two conditions are not related.  It is important to get the drug addiction under control and the medications out of their system so the doctor can truly uncover the proper treatment plan that will be most effective for addressing the mental disorder.  Making sure each condition is treated on its own merit is the best way to address a dual diagnosis.

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