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What to Expect in Mental Health Treatment

January 24, 2017 - - 0 Comments

Mental Health TreatmentChecking into a mental health treatment center can feel like a daunting task, often because there are many unknowns attached to it. Many patients wonder what they can expect in terms of daily routine, visitors, therapy, and free time. They wonder whether they will have a private room or share a room with other patients. They wonder how long they can expect to stay and how much privacy they may have during their stay. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about inpatient mental health stays.

How long will treatment last? For many patients, inpatient treatment is just one portion of their mental health treatment plan and may last for just a few days to several weeks or months depending on the success of the treatment provided. Treating most mental illnesses requires a unique balance between medicinal treatments and cognitive and behavioral therapies. No two patients are the same, so finding the right treatment for a unique patient can take some time. In addition, many medications take four weeks to reach full efficacy, at which point the patient and provider can evaluate the therapeutic results of the drug and/or therapies.

Most patients treated for mental illness will require ongoing treatment once their inpatient stay is concluded. This may include ongoing medication, therapy, or office visits with their healthcare provider.

Can my family contact me during my stay? Yes, patients have many opportunities to stay connected with their families in almost every individual case. There are opportunities to connect using digital means like social media and email, and phone calls can be transferred to patients in most facilities as well. Visitors are typically welcome but may need to step out during established meeting times with doctors and other caregivers.

Will I have to share a room? Most mental health inpatient treatment centers have both single and double rooms with respective nightly room rates. Patients who would like a private room can pay a higher daily rate for a private room. Whether each individual patient is placed in a single or double room depends on room availability, patient preference, insurance coverage, and budget. Many patients request a double room for comfort and camaraderie.

What kind of daily routine can I expect? The daily routine varies from one patient to the next based on preferences, diagnosis, and treatment. However, most patients can expect to spend some time each day or week in treatment or assessment with a psychiatrist or other mental health professional. Frequent assessment of progress assists the care team in gauging the efficacy of the treatment provided and allows them to make adjustments to better treat you. Meals, snacks, and medications are provided at the same times every day to offer familiarity and routine. Activities, such as games, entertainment, outings, and news updates, are also offered but are never required. Participating in activities can make a stay in a mental health treatment facility feel more like home.

What should I bring? Most of the things patients need on a daily basis are provided by the facility, including bedding, food, and toiletries. However, some patients like to bring their own toiletries to ensure they are able to use the items they like. Patients should also bring enough clothes to last one week, including pajamas and underclothes. It is also recommended that patients bring items that are comforting, such as a favorite book or a tablet. 

In summary, the treatment facility’s goal is to keep each patient as comfortable as possible as they work together to create a better quality of life for the patient. At the end of the treatment, it is the goal that the patient is healthy, happy, and able to cope independently at home.

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