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Getting Over the Stigma of Mental Health in Men

August 24, 2017 - - 0 Comments

Stigma of Mental Health in MenMany young men are taught at a very young age that boys are not supposed to cry, show their feelings, or express themselves in a vulnerable way. They are simply not used to showing their emotions and often do not know how. It is important to remember that while men might not be that great at showing their emotions, it does not mean that they do not have them. Men experience hardships and emotional turmoil just as often as women do and they should have the opportunity to seek help from mental health inpatient treatment centers or mental health residential treatment without the stigma that can be attached to it.

Some men will struggle with the idea of mental health residential treatment because it is not acceptable for men to have emotional issues. This is a sad reality that many men struggle with. They often will fail to seek help when they truly need it for fear of looking less masculine or weak. Many men often experience severe anger as a result of holding their feelings and emotions in and can end up doing more harm to themselves than necessary.  

It is important to understand the stigma of mental health and men and work towards ending it. It is no longer acceptable to continue the thought process that only women should seek help from mental health inpatient treatment centers and if you are a man who needs emotional help, there must be something “wrong” with you. If you are tired of the stigma associated with men and mental illness, this article is for you. Read further to learn more about how you can help break the stigma of men and mental illness and how we can work towards a brighter future of acceptance for anyone suffering from mental illness.  

How to Help Break the Stigma for Men and Mental Illness 

Anyone can help break the stigma attached to mental illness and men. If we all work towards this common goal, we can spread awareness and shed some light on this topic.  

Be Supportive and Encouraging 

Letting the men in our lives know that we are available to talk and discuss anything they might need to talk about, without judgment, is a great way to break the mental illness stigma for men. It can be difficult for men to express their feelings, so keeping an open line of communication is important and can help them feel more comfortable and willing to process their thoughts and emotions. Encouragement can go a long way as well. Whether it is encouraging men to communicate more or providing praise and encouragement when they do, encouragement is a way to show you care without being too pushy or abrasive.  

Point Them in the Right Direction 

If you know of a man who has expressed to you that he struggles with mental health or is dealing with something significant and needs help, help him find the appropriate resources. There are many mental health treatment centers out there and finding the right one can be difficult. Provide support and assistance in helping him find the best inpatient mental health treatment that will work for him. You can even offer to visit the mental health treatment center with him and explore what his options are.  

If there is a man in your life who is struggling with his emotions and is need of mental health treatment, do your part to show him that he is not alone. Share with him what you know about mental illness and help him work through his problems. The stigma can end one person at a time.  

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