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How to Successfully Manage Sobriety When Travelling

July 27, 2017 - , - 0 Comments

Manage Sobriety When TravellingAs part of a healthy recovery program, traveling on vacation can be an enormously invigorating and beneficial experience. However, it can strike terror at the core for some recovering addicts. Taking a vacation requires stepping outside the comfort zone and when people have just completed detox from alcohol, changes to normal routines can cause anxiety.

Vacations are stressful at best and so when dealing with underlying addiction issues, this can be exacerbated to such an extent that a few days’ away doesn’t seem worth the stress. Factor in any discomfort about being on a beach or ski slope where there are plenty of threats to your sobriety and it has the potential of being quite miserable when trying to stay sober.

When someone has completed an inpatient program at a mental health treatment center, they often feel they are very much in need of a vacation. However, the opportunities and temptations for relapse often hold them back from traveling very far from home. Nevertheless, it is not only possible but extremely beneficial to spend a few days in a totally different environment as part of recovery from alcoholism.

Here we provide some useful tips to ensure sobriety is well-managed while on vacation:

Choose the Destination Wisely

It may make sense to someone recovering from addiction not to place themselves in an environment where drinking or drug-taking is actively encouraged or enabled. However, other members of the traveling party may have different ideas and so it’s essential that the sobriety issue is dealt with before plans are made and an appropriate destination chosen.

Avoid Remote Locations

Although it may seem the perfect way to escape the world, it is not recommended that a recovering addict takes to the road and cut themselves off from friends back at home. Sober friends and family can be vital in providing last-minute support should it be required and they can also keep in touch with phone calls, messages and emails to provide consistent assistance throughout the trip.

Choose Activity Holidays

By using vacation time to indulge in activities one has a passion for, it is easier to step outside the comfort zone and push boundaries in another setting. This can be a highly cleansing experience for a recovering addict and provides sufficient distraction that the temptations that may be present, won’t feature as strongly.

Continue Attending Recovery Meeting

Recovery meetings take place all over the country and it’s important to continue with this type of support while on vacation. It also presents an opportunity to extend a support network to include new friends and fellows-in-recovery in another part of the US. Attending meetings in other locations is a very positive reinforcement of the camaraderie that exists among recovering addicts and also serves to remove feelings of isolation from mainstream society. Whether on vacation or at home, recovery meetings are extremely beneficial and require consistent attendance for better outcomes.

Take a Recovery Toolbox

Most vacation destinations are going to have plenty of opportunities to drink and possibly relapse. Even if someone believes they are capable of not drinking while others do, this is often not the case. By packing plenty of items for entertainment such as tablets loaded with books, games, podcasts, and music it is possible to avoid events and activities that provide an opportunity for relapse. Being able to decline social invitations while on vacation is also important.


A good, relaxing vacation can be hugely beneficial to one’s state of mind, particularly after drug or alcohol addiction program at a mental health treatment center. Careful planning and consideration can make a significant difference to how sobriety is managed while away from the daily routine in familiar surroundings. It is also possible to get a tremendous sense of achievement for stepping outside the comfort zone and successfully enjoying sobriety in new and exciting surroundings.

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