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Networking Events

NetworkingWe have an active alumni program made up of people who have completed their recovery with us and continue to maintain contact with our facilities.

It really helps those who are currently going through treatment to meet people who have found happiness and success in recovery. Their compassion is infectious and encouraging for those who might be struggling to stay clean or finding the transition to sobriety hard. To see people do it successfully can be a huge confidence and morale boost, so we host a variety of networking events for those who have recovered, both past and present.

Speakers and talks

So many of our alumni have lived interesting and sometimes extremely difficult lives. Their tales of survival and determination are incredibly inspiring for people at the beginning of their recovery journey, so we provide many opportunities for them to share their experiences with them.

We regularly share the progress of our alumni, constantly celebrating their achievements and how they’ve rebuilt their lives without the negative influence of drugs or alcohol.

Chip Giving

Chips signify the amount of time someone has been sober and in recovery, when awarded they can be a powerful symbol and a source of encouragement for those in recovery. Chips can be helpful tokens when someone feels tempted to relapse or feels their will weakening, and the hope of reaching the next milestone can give them a psychological boost.

Music and fun in the sun

Music can help us express ourselves in ways that words often can’t fulfill. Our alumni regularly create Recovery Music events as well as BBQs and an annual 4th July celebration. We take recovery extremely seriously, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t space for levity.

There are also regular trips to the beach and out into nature, so people can get away from the facility for a while and experience the reinvigorating power of the natural world.

We actively encourage relationships between survivors of addiction and those going through the initial stages. Seeing the way someone else has transformed themselves is encouraging, and can help silence the voices of temptation and doubt in someone’s mind.

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