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Should A Husband and Wife Go Through Inpatient Rehab Together?

August 16, 2017 - - 0 Comments

Should A Husband and Wife Go Through Inpatient Rehab TogetherIt is all too common for couples to experience drug and alcohol abuse. It could be that one partner was addicted and led the other partner to use, or both partners were already addicted and were drawn together because of their addiction. Whatever the cause of the addiction, there are benefits and disadvantages of couples attending inpatient alcohol rehab together.  

The truth of the matter is, without the proper treatment and counseling program to help the couple overcome their addiction and relationship issues, the cycle of addiction will continue. Many couples have been able to attend rehab together and come out on the other side successfully, but many have not. The true answer lies within the individual. However, here is a look at some of the ways couples addiction therapy can be beneficial and how it can be harmful.  

How Couples Addiction Therapy Can Be Beneficial 

If both partners are fully committed to gaining sobriety, then drug and alcohol treatment centers can work. However, it will not come without a great deal of work. Couple going through drug treatment programs will obtain life skills that will help them cope with their addiction both individually and together. Because the recovery process focuses vastly on a lifestyle change, it is important for couples to know and understand what they life will be like once they leave the alcohol rehabilitation center.  

The professionals they work with will help the couple identify the causes behind their addiction while simultaneously teaching them effective coping skills to use independently and as a couple. It will be extremely important for a couple to understand the challenges that lie ahead and how they can work together to overcome those challenges. The counseling aspect of their drug treatment program will also tackle the couples’ personal and relationship issues that could be affecting their partner’s addiction. Couples will essentially need to learn how to live together in a new environment, spending time together and enjoying each other’s company without the use of drugs or alcohol. The counseling would, of course, take place after each individual has completed detox and withdrawal.  

If couples are successful, they stand a much higher rate of staying sober if they have the help of one another and are both equally committed to staying clean. An added bonus is that many couples feel their relationship is much stronger after completing inpatient alcohol rehab and they have grown together on a deeper level.  

How Couples Addiction Therapy Can be Harmful 

It can be difficult for couples to find an alcohol treatment center that will work with them as a couple. If this is the case, the couple should enter into an alcohol rehabilitation center for individuals so they can begin their path to recovery right away, rather than waiting a long amount of time to find a center that will work with them as a couple. Couples addiction therapy can be harmful and difficult if both partners are not fully committed to the process. Even if both partners complete the therapy, if they enter back into their life and one partner does not make the necessary changes, the other partner is likely to relapse as well. Additionally, some facilities will focus solely on the addiction issues rather than the relationship issues. This is harmful because it is often the relationship issues that cause the couples to want to use and continue their addiction, and if not addressed can lead to continued use. Couples also tend to blame one another for their addictions and feelings and words can come out during rehab that could hurt the relationship and make it difficult to move forward when tensions are high.  

Whatever the couple chooses to do in terms of rehab, it is important that they both be truly working toward sobriety and willing to help one another out through their relationship.  

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