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Tips for Going into Rehab Together with Your Spouse

June 13, 2017 - - 0 Comments

Going into Rehab Together with Your SpouseNot every couple suffers from addiction together. Most of the time, either the husband or wife develops alcohol or drug dependence which causes many problems financially and for the relationship. However, there are instances when both partners, sometimes even from the beginning of the relationship, are users, abusers, or addicted to drugs or alcohol.

When both partners develop an addiction to the same drugs or alcohol, it is called co-habitual dependence. Suffering from dual addictions, it can be hard to convince each other to get help from drug and alcohol treatment centers. It can be essential for the family members and outside sources to encourage them to commit to rehabilitation in order to bring their family life back to normal.  

Problems Associated With Drug and Alcohol Use in Couples

At the beginning, couples who use drugs and alcohol together may find it pleasurable and thrilling to be using together. But as the problem progresses, it can lead to several destructive behavioral changes including aggression and mood swings. This affects the relationship as their continued use leads to marital problems, higher rates of violence, and even life-threatening conditions.

Most codependent couples also develop a strong sense of compulsion to use drugs because they have learned to associate drug and alcohol use with their partners. Simply seeing their partners trigger craving the substance makes recovery difficult for each other.

When your loved ones have intervened to get you through a drug and alcohol rehab, finding the courage and hope to support each other can be as helpful as your commitment to change your life for the better. In most cases, when a couple commits to a sober life, their family life becomes better and the outlook of a satisfying life away from addiction becomes clearer.

Tips for Couples Going Through Rehab Together

Your pledge and responsibility to contribute to each other’s life for the better are paramount throughout your ordeal. When a couple commits to change their lives away from their addiction, finding time to heal each self is as crucial as their commitment to live a life together. Here are some tips both of you can enforce to ensure a sober life:

  • Reward each other positively when necessary.
  • Addiction can have a tremendous strain on the relationship. It can be an important aspect of sobriety when each partner sees the goodness of their sobriety and rewards each other graciously. Simple things like praise, affection, and understanding go a long way to promote not just sobriety, but the relationship itself.
  • Develop new habits as a couple seeking a better life.
  • Having gone through the hardships of addiction, as a couple, it is better to seek and create new routines. Set boundaries where you avoid contact from people and places which perpetuated your addiction and join support groups that enforce your sobriety.
  • Establish healthy communication.
  • There are times when conflicts arise between partners, but as someone who has gone to conquer their addiction, it is also part of growing up to develop a healthy communication pattern between the two of you. Talk about how both of you can cope with the changes in your life and fight fair when conflicts arise.
  • Understand each other’s experience.
  • Although your addiction might have contributed to resentment and anger with your loved one, talk with each other and understand how your partner is coping. This way both of you can pass the test of sobriety.

Care for yourself. Drug and alcohol rehab will give you a full understanding of the role addiction plays in your life. Although both you and your partner may be spending time recuperating from addiction, it can be helpful to also find time for yourself. Learn to process your feelings so you have a better understanding of how your partner feels but learn of coping skills together.

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