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Alcoholic Drinking Self Assessment

How do you know if you have a drinking problem?

Alcoholism and alcohol dependency can manifest themselves in different ways for different people. Some find themselves unable to complete normal daily tasks without drinking alcohol, and some can live an outwardly normal life but regularly drink dangerous amounts socially.

When does enjoying a drink become something to be concerned about?

If your drinking habits are beginning to cause you or your loved ones concern, but you aren’t sure of the signs and symptoms, the following alcohol self assessment test will help you find out if you potentially have a problem.

  • Do you deliberately drink when you are depressed, stressed, or unhappy in some way?
  • Do other people ever comment on your drinking?
  • Have you ever resolved to quit or control your drinking but struggled to make it last?
  • Do you ever drink in secret or hide it from people?
  • Have you found the usual number of drinks you consume to have less of a desired effect?
  • Have you ever continued to drink despite feeling ill, aggressive, or uncomfortable in any way?
  • Has alcohol ever interfered with your normal responsibilities in life? (e.g. work, spending time with friends or family, your hobbies and interests.)
  • Have you ever experienced any of the following withdrawal symptoms when the effects of alcohol have worn off – difficulty sleeping, shaking, nausea, sweating, a racing heartbeat, restlessness, or hallucination?
  • Have you got yourself into potentially dangerous situations more than once whilst drinking? (e.g. driving, using any heavy machinery, walking in a dangerous place, or putting yourself in any violent situations)
  • Has alcohol ever caused you to get into trouble with the police or be arrested?
  • Does being in an environment where alcohol is not accessible make you uncomfortable or anxious?
  • Does your drinking ever make you feel guilty?
  • Have you ever considered that your life might be better if you stopped drinking alcohol?
  • Does your drinking ever cause you to black out or not remember events?
  • Have you ever found yourself wishing you could drink and still control yourself?

If you identify with any of the above questions as part of this alcoholism self assessment, it’s possible that your drinking habits are causing you distress or harm.

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