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Alumni Outreach

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Our Alumni Program

Recovering addicts are amazing – in general, we all want to help others get past the barriers of addiction the same way we did.  His House | New Creation Alumni Coordinators want to give something back to the community the same way their mentors did for them.  We recognize that mutual support among people in recovery is the most beneficial activity we can engage in, and so we encourage all our alumni to sign up; building a supportive community of people who’ve been through similar struggles is our goal.  The alumni program offers many events and perks aside from the shared support, however.  Some benefits of joining:

Special Speakers

Alumni events often feature guest speakers – veterans of recovery who have inspirational stories and advice to give to fellow recovering individuals.   We cover a variety of topics and cultivate a supportive environment for our alumni to explore issues related to recovery, relationships, work and social lives, and more.


His House | New Creation is a huge supporter of music in recovery.  Music can often allow people to express themselves in a way mere words can’t.   Beyond that, music is just fun.  Many of our alumni events include live music, such as our 4th of July BBQ event, because shared positive experiences bond us and allow us to build supportive relationships.

Chip Giving

The exchange of chips is a very meaningful experience for many in addiction recovery, especially for those involved in a 12 step program.  Chips are given by group members to others to recognize and celebrate the length of someone’s sobriety – one day, 30 days, one year and so on.  A physical reminder of a patient’s successful recovery, they provide members with the encouragement to keep their lives on track.

One Group, One Goal

Members of the alumni program can share the burden of recovery by working together and supporting each other.  The more a recovering individual comes to rely on and trust their compatriots, the more open to positivity and productive behavior they become.

Potluck Dinners and Outdoor Excursions

His House | New Creation loves potluck dinners; everyone involved brings something unique to the event.  Members can enjoy each other’s cooking, trade special recipes and form new friendships and bonds.  Dining together is one of the easiest and most fun ways to create new support relationships, as are planned excursions together.

Alumni program members may have the opportunity to take trips to the great outdoors together.  Most often we take advantage of our gorgeous Southern California location and visit the beach.  The promise of fresh air, salt, sun, and surf is enough for most; however, time spent outdoors works wonders for most people’s mood and mental health as well.

Be Part of the Alumni Program Today

Please contact our alumni coordinators today, to join our welcoming and supportive community of alumni members. Not only can you forge new friendships and support resources, you can give back to the community as well by helping newly recovering members navigate down the path of sobriety.

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