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Living with and Managing Anxiety Disorders

“Caring for the mind is as crucial as caring for the body. In fact, one cannot be healthy without the other.” Sid Garza Hillman

Since 1946, Mental Health America and other affiliate groups in the country have led the country in observing May as the mental health month, reaching millions through the media, events and screenings. The theme for 2016, “Life with a Mental Illness,” is especially significant for those who live with mental health issues. The organization will look to have people share what living with mental illness feels like for them in their own words. However, such expression never comes easy, especially for those with anxiety disorders. For many suffering from anxiety disorders, the fear of speaking up almost always gets in the way of them getting help and treatment.

Understanding Anxiety Disorders

Individuals with anxiety disorders might suffer from one of the following types of disorders, each with their own characteristics.

  • Generalized anxiety disorder results in recurring fears and worries, often about matters like health and finances, leaving them with a persistent feeling that something bad is about to happen. The reasons might be difficult to identify, but the fears are real.
  • Panic disorders are those that involve sudden, intense and unprovoked feelings of dread and terror. These often result in restriction of certain types of activities.
  • Phobias involve intense fear of certain conditions, objects, or situations. They are often very specific, like the fear of flying, social settings, or meeting certain animals.
  • Obsessive compulsive disorders are characterized by persistent, uncontrollable and often unwanted feelings or thoughts, accompanied by routines. The individual will normally engage in these routines to rid themselves of these feelings and thoughts. An example is the obsessive cleaning of one’s surroundings to prevent thoughts of contamination, or repeated checking of work to get rid of mistakes.
  • Severe physical or emotional trauma from natural disaster, accidents, crime, or war might also result in post-traumatic stress disorder. Their thoughts, feelings, and behavioral patterns suddenly become seriously affected by reminders of the stressful event, a trend which might go on for months or even years after the traumatic experience.

Life without Treatment

The stigma surrounding mental health and anxiety disorders often gets in the way of afflicted people seeking help. The fear or shame associated with mental health treatment is understandable, but those who do not receive treatment end up putting a lot of strain not only on themselves, but also on the people around them.

living with and managing anxiety disordersUntreated disorders affect relationships. Individuals with anxiety disorders might feel misunderstood and end up feeling irritable. Others find it difficult maintaining relationships with constant worry, which causes further strain and adds to the anxiety. Untreated disorders might end up causing other mental disorders, like depression or substance abuse. Individuals with such disorders, left untreated, are at a high risk of suicide or behaviors that cause self-harm. Mental disorders might also affect careers, with the resultant life of isolation and fear affecting a person’s ability to go to work and interact with workmates or clients. Loss of livelihoods or a decline in performance might lead to a cycle of depression, drug use, and further mental disorders.

There Is Hope

Dealing with anxiety related mental health disorders might seem difficult, but there is hope; with proper treatment, one can control these disorders and live a relatively normal life. We have highly trained professionals within our ranks, who offer help and treatment. Our experts are able to determine the best method to control symptoms and treat anxiety disorders, using such therapies as cognitive therapy, behavioral therapy, and psychotherapy. With proper treatment, the majority of individuals who suffer from anxiety disorders are able to reduce or eliminate their symptoms in a matter of months. Do not be afraid to seek help for fear of ridicule or being a burden, as we are here, ready and waiting to help without judgment.

As mental awareness month opens the mental health dialogue and creates awareness on mental health disorders, come see us for help and support. Let us bring back the hope of a normal life for you and your loved ones.

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