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Men Drug & Alcohol Rehab Treatment Center

“Healing is not an overnight process. It is a daily cleansing of pain; it is a daily healing of your life.” Leon Brown

Men are most likely to abuse drugs and alcohol twice as much as women. There is also a leading survey that states that men are more inclined to use and abuse illegal substances like marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and hallucinogens. Men generally have a greater tendency to have more dependency issues than women.

Rehab treatment for men tapers the treatment program to offer a more definite and personal approach to be given to each patient. A male drug addict or alcoholic will encounter pressures and challenges particular to his experience and his unique social tensions.

Men Drug & Alcohol Rehab Treatment

In addition, men and women who gravitate towards developing, experiencing and recovering from addictions do so differently.

Benefits of Gender Separation

“It’s your road and yours alone, others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you.” Unknown

There are some notable advantages of getting a gender-specific rehabilitation. It mostly has to do with how a person recovers from addiction and how they tend to take gender specific issues and related stigma. Some of the benefits of a male-only rehab include:

  • Overcoming societal expectations. Social culture puts contradictory expectations on men. It describes masculinity as a model of strength and not perceived as an idea of men as victims and as people in need of help. Rehab treatment for men strives to remove societal expectations and welcome a realistic viewpoint for drug dependent men who are tough enough to look for a lifetime of sobriety.
  • Removes gender specific issues. Both men and women have gender specific issues when it comes to therapy and recovery. A male only treatment rehab eliminates focus on women-specific issues and facilitates a clear focus on the male-oriented conditions of treatment.
  • Minimize judgment. A gender specific environment provides lesser judgment among gender specific issues. Open participation in sharing activities like disappointments, breakdown, and failure is a significant aspect of a strong rehabilitation
  • Convenience in treatment settings. Treatment settings have a great effect on the willingness of participants to get fully engaged, share, and attain benefits from counseling and treatment. For some addicts, a male-only environment is secure and sympathetic and more predisposed to yield trust and connection.
  • Sharing of common interest and experience. Gender specific rehab treatment facilities have a commonly shared mindset and perspective in most parts of their lives, including addiction, treatment, and recovery. This can be an influential factor for discipline and training.

Importance of Getting Help in Teenage Years

“Children are often the silent victim of drug abuse.” Rick Larsen

It is important to know that young adults have a different rehabilitation needs than older drug and substance users. In addition to problems associated with addiction and withdrawal, these teenagers may have the need for education about co-existing mental conditions, and other issues that might involve the entire family.

Considering that most young substance users do not see the need for rehabilitation, an intervention is often required. Some important reasons for early intervention include:

  • It breaks the problem at an early stage. The lengthier exposure a person has to substance abuse, the more likely the person will have a hard time quitting an addiction. Children who are exposed to substance abuse have not been using drugs for as long as their grown-up counterparts. This means that there is a better chance for them to be able to overcome the problem completely.
  • It exposes underlying problems. Most young adults do not start using illegal substances without some pushes in that direction; peer pressure may be an important factor. People who are addicted to substances generally have hidden issues which ignite their misuse. These may involve an undiagnosed mental disorder or a history of emotional and physical abuse that are covered and kept secret. Seeking rehabilitation for their substance abuse can bring these underlying issues to light and allow an adolescent to gain a remedy.

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