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Narcotics Anonymous

An addict’s first introduction to the program of Narcotics Anonymous often begins at residential treatment. Rehab will provide the addict with in-house NA meetings.

Many times a rehab facility will also transport their clients to meetings held outside of the center. This can be very beneficial, as it will get the addict accustomed to attending meetings outside of the safe confines of treatment.

Here is an excerpt from one of the standard readings used at Narcotics Anonymous meetings everywhere:

“NA is a nonprofit fellowship or society of men and women for whom all drugs had become a major problem. We are recovering addicts who meet regularly to help each other stay clean. This is a program of complete abstinence from all drugs. There is only one requirement for membership, the desire to stop using. We suggest that you keep an open mind and give yourself a break. Our program is a set of principles written so simply that we can follow them in our daily lives. The most important thing about them is that they work.” Narcotics Anonymous: What is the NA program?

Why Go to Rehab?

Statistics show that people who go to rehab and are serious about aftercare have a higher chance at long term success than people who do not. Addiction is a physical, mental, biological, emotional, and spiritual disease. Rehab addresses and helps correct all of these aspects.

Explore with us some of the benefits of choosing to attend rehab for substance abuse:

  • Safe place for the detoxification process with trained medical staff available
  • Skilled professionals in the field of addiction treatment
  • Caring and supportive therapists
  • Group therapy
  • Relapse prevention education
  • Time away to focus on yourself
  • Meeting others who have the same goal of staying clean
  • Mental health issues addressed
  • Treatment for those that have a dual diagnosis
  • Physical benefits
  • Removal of self from drug connections
  • Introduction to the twelve step way of life

About Narcotics Anonymous

narcotics anonNarcotics Anonymous is a program based on the twelve steps of recovery. The program is designed to help drug addicts get and stay clean. NA works by meeting regularly for its members to share personal experience, strength, and hope.

The members of Narcotics Anonymous focus on working the twelve steps. The twelve steps are a set of principles designed to help addicts live a life free from drugs. NA members attribute their clean time to constant connection with other recovering addicts and by adopting the twelve steps and twelve traditions as a way of life.

Regular meeting attendance, service work, sponsorship, fellowship, active engagement with the twelve steps, NA approved literature, prayer and meditation are all tools that NA members use for their recovery from drug addiction.

Each of the twelve steps has an underlying spiritual principle that addicts are expected to incorporate if they wish to stay clean and grow.

  • Step One – Hope
  • Step Two – Surrender
  • Step Three – Acceptance
  • Step Four – Honesty
  • Step Five – Open-mindedness
  • Step Six – Willingness
  • Step Seven – Faith
  • Step Eight – Tolerance
  • Step Nine – Patience
  • Step Ten – Humility
  • Step Eleven – Unconditional love
  • Step Twelve – Sharing and caring

Finding Help

We believe that one addict helping another is without parallel.

Addiction is cunning, baffling, and powerful. Narcotics Anonymous provides tried-and-true results for helping addicts get clean.

Recovery from addiction works best when a multidisciplinary approach is taken. Rehab is a stepping-stone to get your recovery started on the right track.

“I am more successful than I have ever been. I feel very positive where I never did before, and I think that’s all a direct result of getting sober.” Jamie Lee Curtis

Inpatient addiction treatment will introduce the suffering addict to twelve-step based programs of recovery along with other therapeutic tools to aid in their recovery.

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