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Medical Evaluation

Medical EvaluationAddiction and mental health wreak havoc not just on the brain, but on the body too. As part of your full treatment program, medical evaluations are informative processes to help you understand how your body has suffered due to addiction and mental health. A healthy body leads to a healthy brain.

Your treatment professionals will need to know how your addiction and mental health have affected you physically. They will also look to rule out if you have physical disorders that mimic mental disorders or accompany them; these physical disorders need treatment to rule out any possibility that they are an underlying contributor to your mental challenges.

When you experience new symptoms, different symptoms, or symptoms that occur randomly at an unexpected age, you should consult your physician; diagnosing your symptoms will help lead to a full understanding of how you need to be treated.

Medical Evaluation in the Addiction Process

The medical evaluation process for addiction looks at both obvious and hidden symptoms. The body needs to be checked physically for any outward signs of addiction: jaundice, puncture wounds, poor skin elasticity, and extreme fatigue. While these symptoms might be indicative of illness or disease in the body, they can also be a clue that addiction is occurring.

Some symptoms, such as inattention and confusion, show a physical problem. Other signs are abnormal vitals, incontinence, aphasia, and imbalance. Other symptoms, however show definitive signs of addiction. Dilated or constricted pupils indicate the usage of specific chemical substances. Repetitive, uncontrolled eye movements also indicate that the patient is using certain drugs.

“Healing comes when we choose to walk away from darkness and move towards a brighter light.” Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Your physician will know what signs to look for in recommending the proper steps to treat both your addiction and any underlying illness. While it can be scary not understanding where you’re at in terms of health, your physician will soon shine a light on your current condition and steps for future improvement.

Medical Evaluation in the Mental Health Recovery Process

Medical EvaluationWhile drug or alcohol abuse doesn’t always lead to mental illness, close to 50% of mentally ill patients suffer from substance abuse. Medical evaluation is key to help lead patients through the recovery process.

Underlying medical symptoms must be treated in order to understand what comes from mental illness and what comes from addiction. A strong body leads to a strong mind.

The mental health recovery process can be a long one, but hope lies in your therapeutic and professional medical team. It’s important to seek out their expertise as early as possible in your journey towards recovery from mental illness. Ruling out any factors that do not stem from mental illness will help alleviate some of your concerns; you may find that your health is indeed a contributing factor to your mental illness. Your physical health symptoms can be treated through any number of traditional manners.

Your Medical Journey

Addiction and mental illness are both terrifying. It’s important to have a strong team at your back. Your medical journey is personal, and you need a proper diagnosis to help you grow and heal. Seek out your physician and medical team if you’re having any strange or new symptoms. The sooner you look together at what’s making you ill and draining your life of vigor and focus, the sooner you can progress towards health.

Addiction and mental health both have underlying medical concerns. A medical evaluation is a necessary part of your treatment plan; with everything in place, including your medical evaluation, you’ll be on your way to a full recovery.

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