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Pharmacogenetic Testing

“For every medication – there is a side effect. I’d love to see side effects taken more seriously than they are at the moment. It’s like as long as your mental state is good, that’s all that matters.” Anonymous

Pharmacogenetic TestingPharmacogenetics testing is a tool used to decipher how people respond to drug therapy. It has been known for a long time, that two people on the exact same medication may have two completely different results. One person may receive great benefits with little to no side effects. Another person may have horrible side effects and no results.

The reason behind this mystery could all come down to our genetics.

Pharmacogenetics testing is a non-invasive test that uses an oral swab or a saliva specimen to determine how your individual genetic profile could influence your reactions to medications.

The results of pharmacogenetics testing are aimed to help practitioners assess which drugs should be prescribed to their patients and which drugs should be avoided.

Prescription Medication

A prescription medication that is used to treat mental health issues and substance abuse disorders can further exacerbate the issue at hand if the wrong medication or dosage is prescribed.

A person who suffers from depression may have to experiment with several different antidepressants before finding the drug that works best. This can cause a number of potential issues, such as serious side effects or the appearance of other mental health disorders.

“Early diagnosis is important because the earlier a mental illness can be detected, diagnosed, and treatment can begin, the better off that person can be for the rest of his or her life.” Rosalynn Carter

Pharmacogenetics testing is a crucial step to ensure that the medication being prescribed will provide the desired results. Patients can rest comfortably with the assurance that their medication will be safe and effective. It is true that medication management can be a long process of trial and error until the correct medicine and therapeutic dose is discovered.

Pharmacogenetics testing significantly cuts down the time this takes, thereby allowing you to get back to enjoying life faster.

All medications produce side effects. Pharmacogenetics testing ensures that the type of medications prescribed will not have adverse side effects. This type of testing also safeguards against doctors prescribing any additional medications that will not work well in conjunction with any current medications.

Pharmacogenetics Testing Benefits:

  • Improvement of clinical outcomes
  • Decreased patient anxiety
  • Increased drug education
  • Increased doctor – patient trust
  • Reduces potentially serious drug interaction and side effects
  • Recommended dose changes may make all the difference in the world

Substance abuse and mental health disorders are not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. People who suffer from these issues may share some commonalities. However, the treatment for each individual is as unique as the person who is experiencing the issue. Medication management is one piece of the puzzle for thousands of people in recovery.

Faster Results Means More Options

Pharmacogenetics testing can provide results that will speed up the process of prescribing the best medication or medications for substance abuse and mental health disorders.

We believe in treating each individual through a holistic approach. Drug therapy is one of the many proven strategies that we incorporate into a person’s tailor made treatment plan.

Your success is our goal. Your safety is our business. We take both very seriously!

Medication may not be right for your treatment plan. Pharmacogenetics testing will help us get the answer quickly and efficiently when determining if drug therapy is conducive.

“Believe that a cure is possible for you. Discover and heal the underlying causes with a holistic recovery program. Adopt a philosophy based on what is true in the Universe.” Chris Prentiss, The Alcoholism and Addiction Cure

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