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Toxicology Testing

Toxicology TestingToxicology testing will determine if you have any substances in your system, either legal or illegal. A toxicology screen is indicative of the types of drugs that you are present in your body. Advanced toxicology reports may also show the approximate amount of the drug taken and even how long ago the use event occurred.

The most commonly used method of obtaining a toxicology report is for the participant to provide a urine sample. Urine samples are not the only way that toxicology testing is administered. Blood and hair samples may also be retrieved to determine if any drugs are present in your system.

Regular toxicology testing can be a vital part of the recovery process for addicts who wish to change their life. Here are some benefits for anyone participating in toxicology screens:

  • Accountability
  • Helps regain the trust of family and friends
  • Personal responsibility
  • Provides important data for insurance companies and treatment facilities
  • Drug education
  • Your personal health is protected

Let’s take a further look at each of the benefits listed:


Addicts have generally had a hard time holding themselves accountable throughout their active addiction. Participation in regular toxicology tests will instill personal accountability for their program of recovery.

Trust of Family and Friends

The family and friends of addicts often have a difficult time trusting the newly sober individual. They want to believe, with everything in them, that a true change has occurred. However, they have a justifiable fear that the addict may use or relapse. The results of toxicology tests are tangible evidence that can reassure family and friends of the addict’s commitment to sobriety.

Personal Responsibility

People who suffer from addiction are not known for their characteristic of responsibility. It can be a regular occurrence for an addict to commit to being somewhere, at a certain time and never show up. Toxicology screens can provide the new person in a recovery a schedule that they can learn to adhere to. The act of showing up when and where they say they are going to, is a pronounced tool for personal growth.

Important Data

Insurance companies and treatment centers are always searching for ways to improve clinical outcomes. Toxicology tests can provide real value and insight on what methods work in early recovery and which ones do not work. Treatment providers strive to be on the cutting edge of addiction and recovery strategies.

Drug Education

The specific types of drugs that clients test positive for can be a baseline for how their recovery is approached. For example, a heroin user may start out learning about the specific effects and risks of opiate addiction. The drugs that show up on a toxicology screen can be of real insight into the therapist’s understanding of their client. For example, crystal meth can signify that a client is most likely in the beginning phases of PAWS (Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome). A client who tests specifically for alcohol should be monitored closely for depression. Toxicology reports can provide a wealth of information for the professional’s goal, which is your recovery.

Your Personal Health Protection

Treatment for addiction is usually a multidisciplinary approach. This means you have several professionals who are helping provide the best treatment possible. Toxicology reports that are shared with the entire treatment team can save potential health risks from occurring in the future. For example, if you are prescribed a certain medication, it is essential for all professionals to be aware of this. This knowledge will insure that you do not get prescribed an additional medication that does not interact well with what is already prescribed.

Toxicology testing is another avenue to help you reach your goals of a happy life in recovery.

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