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Solution Focused Brief Therapy

Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) is the art of focusing on the solution to a problem as opposed to focusing on the challenges presented by the problem.

Solution Focused Brief TherapySFBT is formulated to help a client with goal-setting and positive plans for the future. When you participate in SFBT you will meet with a qualified therapist. Your therapist will help you uncover and bring to light the hidden knowledge you already possess. SFBT believes that you instinctually know methods that will improve your life.

A skilled professional acts as the mediator between your mind and heart. Your therapist will guide you to the realization that you already know the solutions that will better your life. Once this awareness is gained, you will be able to put into action the techniques that will help solve your problems.

SFBT is a strength-based approach, and a successful strategy used in the treatment for drug addiction.

How Addicts Benefit from Solution Focused Brief Therapy

We have provided a short list of ways addicts are empowered by SFBT:

  • Positive attributes are highlighted
  • Focuses on the future rather than dwelling on the past
  • Real solutions are realized
  • Instills self-confidence
  • Boosts self-esteem
  • Results are swift
  • Collaboration skills are enhanced

Addicts who are new to the process of recovery often feel like the tasks before them are daunting and insurmountable. SFBT allows for addicts to gain a quick grasp on viable solutions to their problems.

Addicts universally suffer from issues such as low self-worth and low self-esteem. SFBT will help a patient gain an improved sense of self. It has been said that, “if you want self-esteem, do estimable things”. SFBT will aid an addict in realizing that they are smart and competent human beings.

Self-doubt can run rampant in the lives of those who suffer from addiction. A skilled therapist who engages in SFBT with their client, will help them see that their self-doubt does not run as deep as they previously thought.

“We may define therapy as the search for value.” Abraham Maslow

The addict has spent much of their journey of addiction overwhelmed by the problems they face. SFBT believes that it is time to move away from negative thought patterns and start living in the solution. Addicts have had their fair share of negativity.

Realizing that there is a drug problem is the way to start seeing the light. Recovery is geared toward a solution (a drug-free life) rather than the problem (the difficulties created by addiction).

The past cannot be changed. SFBT does not believe in dwelling on past mistakes or the continuation of misery associated with the past.

The present and the future are the focus of SFBT. The present and the future have the opportunity to be powerful and positive experiences for the addict. SFBT instills this important fact for its participants.

A Human Connection

Addiction can be a very lonely path. Many addicts have forgotten how to relate to others. Addicts in recovery are sometimes faced with social anxiety. Those of us who have suffered from addiction can attest that, forming relationships and connections with others can be difficult.

Human connectionOne of SFBT’s key components is collaboration with another human being. This type of therapy is not spent in quiet reflection, listening to someone else’s solution. SFBT is an active approach to therapy; participation is a must in this therapeutic process. SFBT is a two-way street where both therapist and client are involved.

SFBT is designed to be a rapid process towards growth and recovery. The fast results that are gained from participating in SFBT are highly beneficial for persons in recovery.

SFBT may be used alone or in conjunction with other successful methods that are targeted for the treatment of drug addiction.

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