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Addiction Treatment Program


Your struggle with addiction is your struggle and it is like no one else’s. This is why His House | New Creation helps you build a strong plan that will lay a clear path to long lasting sobriety – and be there to help you stay on that path.

Only you can know the true intensity and nature of your addiction and only His House | New Creation has what it takes to vanquish your addiction for good. From intervention to sober living – and everything in between – this is the place for you.

We don’t blame you. Addiction is an illness that requires medical attention and, in some cases, trying to sober up without that medical attention can be very dangerous. However, we have good news for you: His House | New Creation provides superior individualized medical treatment for addiction without the burden of a hospital room stay.

All over Southern California are gender specific facilities that have the unique feel and comfort of home. These His House | New Creation places of healing are built for the specific purpose of providing a safe and secure environment where you can reconnect with your own happiness among supportive peers and staff.

“But I don’t want to stay in a hospital.”

AtHis House | New Creation, community, experience and expertise come together to achieve the centerpiece of a successful addiction treatment organization: balance.

  • Balance between compassion and accountability.
  • Balance between sound mind and sound body.
  • Balance between knowledge and faith.
  • Balance between hope and happiness.

This comfortable environment is not to be mistaken for a lackadaisical approach to addiction treatment. His and Her House is proud to be home to the best Addiction Treatment Specialists, Psychiatrists, Social Workers, and even Spiritual Counselors available in the country.

Our staff understands that achieving sobriety is a wonderful step toward happiness, but it is only that: one step. At His House | New Creation, you will begin with this step and rejoin the joyful life you once knew with the skills to stay sober and stay happy.

Check out some of the ways that His House | New Creation can help you find this again:

Dual Diagnosis

Oftentimes drug addiction and mental health issues go hand-in-hand. Treatment requires an approach, called “dual diagnosis,” which addresses both addiction and mental health together to be effective.  His House | New Creation dual diagnosis treatment programs are focused on addressing the twin terrors of addiction and mental health via a holistic, individualized plan.

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Mental Health

Mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety disorders, PTSD, bipolar disorder, or others, can take over a person’s life. Sometimes there is a feeling of shame or fear in asking for help. However, the professionals at His House | New Creation pride themselves in easing the transition into mental health treatment. We personalize each treatment plan to match the patient’s needs, and use various therapeutic methods to treat a wide range of mental health disorders.

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Alcoholism is one of the most prevalent addictions due in large part to alcohol’s legality and social acceptance. These also make alcoholism very difficult to conquer. His House | New Creation alcohol treatment programs offer a way out; from detox, to inpatient or outpatient treatment, to aftercare and alumni support, we can guide you down the path of sobriety.

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Drug Addiction

His House | New Creation drug addiction treatment programs are geared toward providing a safe and constructive space to begin recovery. We are experienced in detox and treatment for many kinds of addiction, such as opiates, painkillers, benzos, heroin, cocaine, club drugs, and others. Each drug or co-addiction requires different treatment techniques, so we’ll help you to devise the most effective strategy to begin recovery.

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Men’s Treatment Programs

His House | New Creation offers programs for men only, geared towards men’s specific needs in treatment. We strive to set aside distractions and to establish therapeutic sessions removed from the societal stigmas men often have about discussing mental health and addiction issues. His House men’s- and Christian men’s programs often make it easier for men to take that first step.

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Women’s Treatment Programs

As with men, women often benefit from a female-only treatment and sober living program. New Creation women’s-only treatment programs allow a safe space for open therapeutic discussions with women who are facing similar issues in their lives, whether they are mental health, addiction, or dual diagnosis.

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Christian Track Program

Spirituality and a connection with God are often essential in the battle against addiction. In fact, the well-known and successful 12 step programs of AA and NA are based around a person’s relationship with a higher power. His House | New Creation is proud to include a Christian Track, faith-based rehab program for men and for women.

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Drug Detox

The battle with addiction sometimes needs the “big stick” to get started. Detox refers to the process of initially resisting drug use and often comes with a plethora of very unpleasant feelings. His House | New Creation provides the medical staff and environment to get you through this very difficult stage relatively comfortably and – more importantly – safely.

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Alcohol Detox

The legal nature of alcohol often leads to underestimation of the seriousness of alcoholism and the difficulty of the battle against it. Trying to quit “cold turkey” without medical supervision can be dangerous, sometimes leading to stroke or even death. Don’t take on this fight alone. Let His House | New Creation be here to help you get to the other side and start healing.

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Sub-Acute Detox

His House | New Creation proudly offers highly customized approaches to individual substance abuse issues. We understand that addiction is serious in every case, but not every case requires the full intensity of our capability. Sub-Acute Detox is a regiment of healing that is medically supervised, but more mild than the detox processes reserved for those who could be seriously affected by lack of professional attention. Get in touch with His House | New Creation to see if this solution is the one for you.

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